Simple and Effective Home Staging Ideas

You don’t have to be a professional real estate agent to be able to identify the best features of your home and boost its overall value. If you focus on showing your house in the best light and use a couple of tips that can help you sell it faster, it won’t be on the market for a long time. This will be a long process in the beginning, but it might help you prepare for a visit from potential buyers at any time. After you finish these steps, you can relax and wait for your realtor to call you and simply focus on the final touches.

Eliminate the clutter

This is the first thing you need to do and it’s basically a no-brainer – it just has to be done! You can’t leave your clutter to the new homeowners and you surely won’t be taking it to your new place. Neat and clean rooms can have a positive effect when it comes to showing off your house design and making it look bigger and more comfortable.

So, go through all the unnecessary furniture you don’t use, consider selling it and use the money you earn that way to buy something you’ll need or repair something that needs repairing. If you decorate your house in accordance with a specific style, think about removing some items that might distract your visitors from the focal point of the living room you’ll eventually establish.

Style the kitchen

The kitchen is probably the key selling point of every home and you need to pay special attention to it. The main problem with it is that all serious renovations cost a lot, and if you’re working on a tight budget, you need to use some tricks.

stylish kitchen

Start with cleaning every corner of the room and make it sparkle because nobody wants a dusty kitchen. After that, add some air purifiers or even fresh flowers to remove any lingering odor from your cooking. You can even use some handy tricks such as adding a smaller dining table to enhance the look and make the entire cooking and eating space appear bigger. A simple framed picture of a delicious dish can really add some serious depth and you can find this online rather easily. Besides that, you can add a tablet stand and display some delicious recipes on it, creating a sense of family meals and showing your potential buyers that you’re a great cook.

Touch up the master bathroom

This year’s trends focus on creating a bathroom inspired by those glorious bathrooms you see in spa centers. However, don’t try to apply this trend to every bathroom in the house, but keep your focus only on the master bathroom and just make sure the other ones are as clean as possible. You’d be surprised how a simple coat of paint can change the look of your bathroom and make it look more appealing.

To add more style, remove your old shower curtains and replace them with stylish shower screens that are more aesthetically pleasing and create a highly sophisticated look in your bathroom. Apart from that, you can replace small fixtures – faucets, towel holders and lighting – as new pieces won’t cost too much, but will surely make a significant difference.

Revamp the living room

Despite your personal taste and the style you’ve chosen for your home, not everyone will fall in love your furniture or décor. The living room should be comfortable, while the seating area needs to make it look more welcoming and invite potential home buyers to sit and imagine spending time there. In addition to that, pay attention to the flooring because this is a major deal breaker and you can either choose to fix any potential problems, or just cover them with a carpet and let your realtor inform the new homeowners they’ll have to do that themselves.

living room

Home staging doesn’t have to cost a lot if you’re willing to do most of the work yourself and use some tricks to be sure you stay within the budget. On the other hand, you can always invest money to earn more after selling your house and you just need to choose investments that guarantee a profit. You need to make a plan and stick to it, and you can always rely on your realtor to give you advice on some additional staging dos and don’ts.

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