Singapore Cruises: Luxury Shipliners or the way Locals do!

Singapore in itself is a great place to be in. the luxury, the street food, the shopping experience and its rich history and culture make for a perfect destination. If you are looking for more reasons to book a Singapore Honeymoon package, look no further and get on with it but the only condition is to add cruising to your list if you want your honeymoon memories to last, like forever.

Singapore Honeymoon Package

Cruising not only adds to the memories but is also considered to be one of the best ways to get to a place or to start from one. You can choose itineraries that meet your need. You can cruise any of the way stated below.

  • Start from Singapore and come back to it.
  • Start from your home country (check if the cruising options are available) to reach to Singapore, then you can fly back (to save time of course!).
  • Surprise, surprise there’s the third option as well. Fly to Singapore; explore it for 2 or 3 days and then take a cruise from here for a new place and fly from another country after 3-4 days onboard to your home, sounds perfect!

Your journey must be well planned and pre-booked to avoid any kind of hassles. Keep an eye on the timings and talk to your travel agent for every details. Do consider the budgets as going over-budget while shopping and all is seriously possible, causing you trouble. Also, talk about the sea climate during the time of your travel to avoid getting into climatic upheaval.

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What to expect from Cruising for / from Singapore?

You need to decide early as to where you want it to begin… and end- the journey obviously. Cruising can be direct or with stoppages. There are many ways to have fun on board but not all cruises have arrangements like these. Cruising does have some obvious limitations so make a point to list them all and see if you and your spouse are comfortable with them.


If you are in India, you can begin from any of the major ports like Vizag, Kolkata and Chennai. You need to check with the luxury ship-liners. Chances are you would be flying from your place to one these ports so see tickets for that as well or get it arranged through your travel assistant.

Cruises that start from Singapore have an itinerary minimum for 3 days of the places the ship would be touching. They could include Phuket, Penang, Kualalumpur, Hongkong and many more places; choose what you have on your mind.

Local Singapore Cruises

If you are planning something light like day tours in and around the place, there are some fun as well as budget options. These are not grand in terms of luxury, but fun is guaranteed. You can choose from Private Night Sightseeing River Cruise, Saturday Sunset Sailing from Sentosa, Half-day Private Group Singapore River Cruise, and many more like these.

Local Singapore Cruises

You get to meet people like you and cultivate a relationship that could make you travel buddies, who knows? Just enjoy whatever you are getting into and plan well ahead to avoid any sort of gaps while honeymooning abroad.

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