Snow Men of the Year 2017

At many snowfall places you have seen snow man or have made one. At winters snow man is very popular among all the kids some adults also feel awesome when they got chance to built or make a snow man by this they bring out their inner child and innovative mind. Here we have some funny snow men pictures made by different people at different places. Let’s take a look for our dear new snow men of new year-

  1. Snow Doll
    Snow DollImage Source –
  2. Do you want tea made snow man
    snow manImage Source –
  3. Monkey Snow Man
    Monkey Snow ManImage Source –
  4. Fitness Freak Snow Man
    Fitness Freak Snow ManImage Source –
  5. Salaaaam hai Bhai –
    snow manImage Source –
  6. Traffic Snow Man –
    Traffic Snow ManImage Source –
  7. Snow Dadi –
    Snow Dadi - snow manImage Source –
  8. Hi I am a Chef Snow Man –
    Chef Snow ManImage Source –
  9. Giant Snow Man –
    Giant Snow ManImage Source –
  10. My King Kong Snow Man –
    King Kong Snow ManImage Source –

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