Why Steroids are bad for Health?

Steroids are artificially developed, chemical compounds which are used to cure medical deficiencies. They are used in extreme cases due to their harmful side effects. The results of using steroids include faster growth of muscles, and increased strength and stamina. These effects urge people to indulge in steroid abuse. It refers to a scenario where people consume steroids without any medical issue, in order to make themselves strong and powerful.

Steroids are available in many forms in the market. Anabolic steroids are probably the most common type of steroids that are abused. They are synthetic versions of Testosterone, a hormone produced by human body. Usage of anabolic steroids shatter the balance of testosterone inside the human body and this can lead to numerous, harmful consequences. Some of the problems that a steroid addict may have to face are:

Aggression and Depression

The first change that comes in the person who starts consuming steroids is that he becomes aggressive. His anger and temper becomes difficult for him to control and this leads to fights and, other crimes like burglary, and vandalism. This destroys your image in the society and people start avoiding your company. This loneliness and frustration gives way to depression which can be considered the root cause of many moral and medical issues. It has the power to do anything and everything. The proof of this is the fact that it can even kill you, in extreme cases.

Abnormal Hormonal Activities

Hormones are responsible for proper functioning of all the body parts. Any irregularity in hormonal activity can lead to a severe outcome. As steroids modify the hormonal balance, many functions of human body are disturbed. Anabolic steroids are linked with testosterone so their use can affect the sexual characteristics of the human body. For example, females can grow facial hairs while men can develop breasts by the use of such products. Another common observation is loss of head hairs. There are many complications like these that can arise due to the use of steroids.

Kidney and Liver Issues

The most dangerous consequence of steroid abuse are kidney and liver cancers. The presence of steroids in your blood adds to the working of these organs and hence, they suffer. Other than cancers, kidney and liver failures are also common in such cases. These are important organs and their malfunctioning affects other parts of the body as well. This series of events can be very critical and it can lead to death in no time.

Immune System

Last but not the least, steroids have an adverse impact on the immune system of our body. The defending mechanism of the body is weakened due to which you become more vulnerable to diseases. Bone structure deteriorates and entire human body becomes feeble.

Human body is a gift of nature that must be cared about. The damage inflicted by steroids can be seen easily in light of the points discussed above. Be wise and keep yourself safe from these poisonous products.

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