Sweden – Useful tips for visiting Stockholm

I had not visited Stockholm for many years, one of the most attractive cities in Europe when I started traveling.

And also that I did not travel to Sweden, a country that for tourism and, especially for professional reasons, I had the opportunity to visit numerous times.

For many reasons, Sweden has always been an aspirational country for me, which is easy to understand for those who were born before the arrival of democracy in Spain.

A couple of summers ago I had the chance to return to Stockholm and find again, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Also, this time I was able to enjoy the most complete tourist visit I had ever done.

As a result of this experience, here are some tips and recommendations for visiting Stockholm, which will surely be useful for planning your own trip.

How to get to Stockholm

To fly to Stockholm, the main companies that do it from Spain, such as SAS and Iberia, use the airport of Arlanda, which is 41 kilometers north of the capital.

From the airport  you can get to Stockholm on the Arlanda Express train, very fast (20 minutes) but very expensive (29 euros), or by bus from the company Flybussarna (45 minutes, 11 euros).

But it is possible that to travel to Stockholm you can use the advantage of having a Ryanair direct line from Madrid.

In this case you have to take into account that the low cost company flies to the Skavsta airport, which is 106 kilometers away! To the southwest.

As a result of the great distance, the bus transfer from the same company Flybussarna will take you an hour and a half (14 euros).

The positive side is that in this way you will have the chance to enjoy the beautiful countryside of Sweden.

What to see in Stockholm

Stockholm is a very easy city to visit.

The axis of your visit will undoubtedly be the long pedestrian street that connects the most modern and commercial area of ​​the city with the island where the old town of Gamla Stan is located.

Therefore, unless you have the hotel a bit far from the nerve center of Stockholm, in practice you will hardly have to use public transport, metro or buses.

You can walk to the essential visit of Stockholm City Hall, and the glamorous Ostermalm district can also be visited on a pleasant walk.

Possibly you can use the tram, or even cross by boat, to go to the island of Djurgarden, which has several tourist attractions, such as the Vasa museumor the Skansen open-air museum.

On this island you can also find the historic Grona Lund amusement park.

In any case, I tell you that you should visit the Stockholm metro.

If you do not know, I’ll tell you that the metro has become one of the most curious tourist attractions in the city because most of its stations have an artistic decoration, which you can even see by pointing to a guided tour.

Cruising around Stockholm

Stockholm is a city surrounded by water.

The Swedish capital is spread over a conglomerate of 14 islands distributed between Lake Malaren and the Baltic Sea, so one of the essential excursions is to take a cruise.

You have many options to choose from, such as a short cruise of an hour or an hour and a half around the city.

But you can also sign up for a boat trip that will take you to the historic Viking town of Birka, during which you can enjoy varied landscapes of islands and lakes.

On the other hand, you also have the simplest option that I have mentioned before, crossing by boat between the islands where the city center is located.

Regarding visits to be made in Stockholm, take note of the following.

On the one hand you can visit the Stockholm City Hall, or tour the old city in Gamla Stan, where you will see from the Royal Palace to the narrowest alley you can imagine.

Or visit the Vasa and Skansen museums, stroll through the aforementioned Ostermalm district, or the cultural district of Sodermaln.

In Ostermalm you should visit a Saluhall, a typical Swedish market, and in Sodermaln you should not miss the Katarina lift lookout.

I will also tell you that one of the rituals during your visit to Stockholm will be to take a Fika.

In reality, it is about tasting a chocolate or coffee with milk, with buns, like the popular muffins.

On the streets of Stockholm coffee shops are happening, and any time is a good excuse to enjoy the Fika (ritual similar to what tea time in Britain).

Finally I tell you that Stockholm is an expensive city, although less than I remember from my visits of years ago, when prices were impossible.

But as an example, I’ll tell you that a coffee or coke will cost you about 3 euros, the same as a muffin, and that a half-liter Falcon (local) beer can cost you 6 euros.

Of course, you can eat a salad or a lasagna for 11 euros, or a typical fish dish with potatoes for 15 euros.

Enjoy the visit!!
Author Bio: This article has been written by Daniyal Buksh a professional content strategist and digital marketer at cheap flights to Stockholm from London. You can catch me on Facebook here.

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