The 10 easiest businesses to start

Many easy-to-start businesses do not require specialized education or a certain aptitude. They take little planning or preparation. You can open an easy business to start from your home in your free time and still maintain a full-time job. These types of businesses are effective in terms of costs and can be opened with little budget.


Many individuals and businesses need cleaning services. This type of services is an easy-to-start business concept that requires very little capital to put it into operation. The business allows flexibility, since most customers prefer night or weekend services.

Maintenance service

If you have a number of tools and talent for repairs, a maintenance service is an easy-to-start business that can be opened in a single day. Contact friends, family members and colleagues and ask them if you need assistance with basic repairs.


A child care business is a simple business concept, especially if you are a parent at home and you already have to take care of your own children during the day. If you have enough space in your home to house some children a day, most states allow you to develop a child care home without licenses or the regulations required for a full-time child care center.

Cake shop

If you have the talent to bake and decorate cakes, this type of business requires limited capital to start. If you bake regularly, surely you have all the necessary supplies to start the business. You can make cakes and other pastry shops for events such as weddings and birthdays.

Event planning

Event planning involves organizing events such as family reunions, weddings, corporate parties and anniversaries celebrations. This activity requires organizational skills and attention to detail to effectively manage all aspects of an event and make it memorable for guests.

Pet sitting

Many people will pay for someone to look after their pets while on vacation or during the day while they are at work. A business of this kind requires space in your home and love for animals. A variation of this activity is walking dogs. Dog walkers are hired to walk the dogs of their owners during the day. The more clients you have, the more money you will earn.

Park maintenance

Park maintenance includes pruning, trimming fences, raking leaves and generally doing all the tasks that keep a park clean and maintained. If you have a lawnmower and a rake you can start this business with one or two customers per week.

Internet auctions

Many people make money buying objects online and selling them on online auction sites. Your inventory can also come from used stores, garage sales or local pawn shops.

Concierge service

With a janitorial business, you can run errands and provide personal services to clients. The business requires efficiency and great aptitudes for the administration of time. To begin with, you need some customers who do not have time to complete certain tasks during the day, such as picking laundry or making purchases. A concierge primarily provides any service for a client, as long as it is legal.

Vending service

A vending service business is easy to start and maintain. As vending machines have evolved beyond sweets and soft drinks, the opportunities to grow with a new vending concept are favorable. You can start the business buying machines from a supplier and establishing relationships with business customers who will use your machines.

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