Tips to Clean and Maintain your Roller Shutters

The idea of roller shutters has greatly evolved with the increase in demand of these covers. They are a perfect addition which you can make to your dream home. They provide a beautiful and eye-catchy look to your space and also serve many other benefits. The greatest advantage of installing roller shutters is that they keep the indoors safe and comfortable. Above all, the maintenance of these shutters is quite cheap and it requires very little or no attention.

Over the last few years, the market of roller shutters has grown very huge. There is a wide range of products available in a variety of designs and colors. People opt for installing roller shutters at their property because they provide comfort as well as security to your home or commercial space. These shutters provide complete protection from the harsh weather and adverse effects of the radiation of the sun. They also keep your family safe from all sorts of potential intruders. Let’s know more about their benefits and cleaning procedures.
Roller Shutters

Benefits Served by Roller Shutters

If you are installing roller shutters, you will be served with several benefits. Some of them are:

Savings on Energy Bills

Installment of the shutters helps in saving the amount over the energy bills. These shutters are specially designed for providing insulation. They keep out the heat and cold and regulate the temperature indoors. If you are installing roller shutters at your place, you can actually save hundreds of dollars which you would have spent on heating and cooling.


Securing the home by installing roller shutters helps in providing protection to your home from the intruders. These shutters are designed to cover the windows and prevent break-ins. In short, they act like a barrier against foreign objects.

Protection against bushfire

There are a few shutter types which are designed and made under special conditions. They ensure providing complete and all-round protection against the extreme heat. They are quality checked shutters which are specialized in retaining their integrity and remaining operable even when exposed to heat.

In order to take up the benefit of installing these roller shutters at your place, you also need to ensure that they are maintained well. The rollers would work in a perfect manner and look flawless only if their maintenance is done appropriately. However, to ensure that these roller shutters stay in good health and work efficiently, you need to clean them properly at least twice every year.

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Roller Shutter

How to clean these window roller shutters?

For cleaning these shutters, you need to make use of a few items. You will need some mild detergent, a soft cloth, brush having soft bristle and clean water to clean your shutters. Here are the steps involved:

  • You need to first wipe off the dust and other deposits. After the first step of dusting, you need to use some soft cloth or chamois, and with the help of the detergent and clean water, you need to wipe the surface of the shutter gently. This will help in removing all sorts of pollutants and the unwanted grime and debris which has made up its way between the sheets or the guides.
  • You can also spray the closed shutters with a mixture of detergent and water. After spraying, use a soft brush to gently wipe the shutters in a proper up and down motion. It must ensure that the motion is followed to avoid misalignment of the slats.
  • After scrubbing using the soft brush, you need to next rinse the shutters with the help of clean water and dry with the help of a cloth. Here again, you need to maintain the proper up and down motion. Finally, you are required to clean the space between the guides. You need to dust off the dirt and other particles. You can also try pressure cleaning.

Apart from following these steps, it is recommended to follow the guidelines or hire a professional for the cleaning process.

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