Unique Type of Exterior Shutters

What kind of exterior shutter design suits for your home depends upon the surroundings and the location where you live along with the architectural style of your home. There are different kinds of shutters available in the market, so while you are planning to install shutters in your house you should learn a little about them since it is going to make your search easy and fast.

Classic panel shutters

Classic panel shutters are of two types two rectangle and three rectangles. In the two rectangle design there are two large rectangles on the top and at the bottom of the shutter and in three rectangles a large panel is on the top and the bottom of the shutter and one is in the center which divides the two large pieces. You can leave them open during the day time and can close them at night; these are effective for filtering nighttime light.

Raised panel Shutters

This is the up gradation of the classic panel shutter and provides you more customized look then classic panel shutter. In this the rectangular design is same as in classic shutter. Raised panel shutter has a textured panel which is located above the panel itself. These are more advanced in style as compared to the regular ones and fit well in every home. These kinds of shutters look great in colonial homes and quaint craft cottages.

Plantation shutters

These are also known as louvers shutters and are the most commonly used shutters. These kinds of shutters provide mobile slats facility; you can open and close them accordingly in order to get optimal level of light into your house. You will get a huge collection of plantation shutters from where you can choose them for your home as well as for business.

Plantation shutters

Board and Batten shutter

Board and batten shutters are available with two to five vertical boards. The arrangements of these boards are different -two horizontal at top and bottom, three horizontal, two horizontal and one diagonal. These kinds of shutters are available in fiberglass, vinyl and wood composite.

Board and Batten shutter

Bahama shutters

Bahama shutters are attached at the top of the window instead of the side. In order to change the position of the shutter it has side arms from where you can adjust the shutter at different angles. You can also remove the arm if you want to close window and can lock it down. Basically shutters are designed to provide shades but Bahama shutters are also useful from storm hence it has dual functioning.

Bahama shutters

Material used for making shutters

The most commonly used material for making the shutters is wood. These are made from cedar and pine wood. Wood shutter gives you flexible coverage. It gives the classic look and you can color them according to your desire.

Aluminum shutters are most popular because of its coverage. There are different kinds of aluminum shutters available in the market. These shutters have powder- coated which offers light weighted protection on your home.

Fiberglass is an expensive material but gives you high durability. It is best suited for the harsh and damaging weather. Fiberglass is maintenance free, you can easily customize it in any design, style or color that you want.

Composite shutters are made from wood and plastic. The maintenance cost for composite shutters is quite low.

Benefits of exterior shutters

Exterior shutters gives protection to the window as they cover the window. In case of rain or wind you can keep the shutter close. Not only in the stormy weather but it will also protect you during hot sunny weather and you can also save cooling bills.

You can control the outside light and decide it by yourself that how much light should be received in the house. As there are different varieties of shutter like some shutters act as a complete cover for the window and are able to block all the light, others like louvered shutter in which you have an option to allow some light.

Material used for making shuttersPrivacy is a major concern. When you are going out for a vacation or want privacy at home in that case a shutter will help you a lot and prevents anyone to see inside the house.

If you install an exterior shutter in your house as well as business it will look more appealing. You just have to select the right color, size and style according to your windows.

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