What are the Affiliate Programs? – Complete Guide

A complete guide for who wants to be an Affiliate.

The Internet has changed man’s relationships with the world. Today we live in a time of opportunities.

New technologies bring with them new channels and different ways of attracting consumers with services and contents that are increasingly easy to be consumed. This is excellent news for those who wish to take advantage of these opportunities to do business.

It was in this way that the Affiliate Programs emerged, with techniques, tools and many new entrepreneurs who take advantage of this type of business to work from home and have a good profit margin without having to acquire goods or make other investments.

The entrepreneur does not need to create or have a product to offer, maintain a site of his own or even carry out sales operations. All opportunities revolve exclusively around the promotion of links, which act as recommendations for virtual items produced by other people. And everything is done for free, uncomplicated and compensating.

If you are still not familiar with the term Affiliate Program, this post will tell you everything you need to know about this segment that permeates the universe of digital entrepreneurship.

How did the Affiliate Programs come about?

Affiliate marketing may seem modern, revolutionary, innovative (and it really is!), But the fact is that its history began in 1989, when American businessman William J. Tobin, founder of PC Flowers & Gifts, realized of the potential of virtual broadcasting and launched Prodigy, which became the first affiliate marketing program in history. Over the years, small initiatives in the United States emerged within the same concept.

The owners of the first e-commerces saw a great opportunity in the network that interconnected people from all over the world, creating a partnership between e-commerces, several sites focused on different topics and the final consumer.

The sites recommended the products through content and banners, and when the user clicked on that content they were redirected to a shopping site. The owner of the site that carried out the intermediation charged a commission for the recommendation after each sale actually made.

In July 1996, Amazon revolutionized the market by launching an Affiliate Program to promote its products. And later, in the 2000s, Affiliate Marketing became a reality around the world, even in Brazil.

The success of affiliate marketing is due, in part, to this solid track record of more than two decades. Over the years, it has established itself as an economically viable and risk-free model.

Entrepreneurs who participate in affiliate programs have the security to enter into something legally approved in Brazil and around the world. Today, there is a large market for Affiliate Programs, and this can be seen especially in terms of the commercialization of digital products.

What is an Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate Program acts as a large virtual business network. She is neither more nor less than an opportunity to become promoter of third-party products in exchange for a commission.

This type of work is seen (and chosen) by several people as an opportunity to undertake, to obtain the much longed for financial independence, and to earn money without leaving home.

But, after all, why does the Affiliate Program work so well? What is the key to the success of the system? The secret is the fact that the program brings together people with common interests and helps them get real benefits.

It basically consists of two main characters, which you will know below:

# 1 – Affiliate

The affiliate is a person with innovative vision and willing to use the Internet in their favor. They invoice promoting links of digital products available in the EAD platform or physical products, depending on their field of activity, and obtaining commissions on the sales made from the links they shared.

Affiliates are also known as webmasters, because they constantly study the market and ways to improve their performance to sell more on the internet.

# 2 – Producer

The Producer is the person who makes a digital product , also called infoproducto , and wants to market it. He produces materials in various formats, such as e-books, electronic journals, virtual guides, videoclases, conferences, podcasts or softwares. These materials cover sectors such as culture, health and cooking, for example, or even more dense topics, such as financial management, corporate marketing and information technology.

Producers understand the profile of the current consumer, who wants to buy virtual products with a view to concepts such as lower cost, rapid delivery and sustainability. But the Producers not only want to produce, they also want to sell. Therefore, they make digital products available on the platform, with the help of Affiliates to increase billing. In return, they offer commissions on the sales made and the platform guarantees the security of operations.

The Affiliate Program is a two-way street that unites Producers and Affiliates in a large virtual business.

At the end of the journey both parties win, since the benefits of one are also the benefits of the other. And to align this process there is the platform. It is she who provides the necessary technology to carry out the operations, which guarantees the control of the data and the security of the payments.

A good Affiliate Program must be supported by a company that offers management services with a high level of quality.

What is an affiliate link?

Once you become an Affiliate, the Affiliate Program tool in which you have made your registration provides you with exclusive links to advertise the products. These links are coded in such a way that, each time you make a new sale, it is possible to identify that the conversion has concluded through your content, for which you will charge the corresponding commission.

Does the Affiliate Program really work?

This question could be replaced by “Is it really possible to earn money by participating in an Affiliate Program?”

Yes, many people around the world live with income generated in Affiliate programs,

Some also work as Affiliates to generate extra income, which can be as useful as building a career as a digital entrepreneur. Everything depends on your goal. However, there are some advantages for those who are already Affiliated, and we will list them as of now.

10 advantages of joining an affiliate program

There are many reasons to join an Affiliate Program. The main one is the real opportunity to earn money in a simple and independent way.

As soon as you publish a single advertisement, the Affiliate can reach thousands of consumers and you will have numerous occasions that the recommendation becomes sales. And each time this happens, you will receive a percentage of the sale value. In other words, success depends only on your own efforts: the more you work, the greater the chances of benefiting!

But the benefits of the Affiliate Program do not stop there! In fact, the system has a number of very attractive factors for those who want to start benefiting online.

Do you want to find out what they are?

1 – You will not risk losing investments

Many people apply their savings in the construction of an e-commerce to realize the dream of making money through the Internet. The problem, however, is that many of the online stores fail due to lack of planning and owner experience. On the other hand, the Affiliate Program is a financially secure alternative. Registration is free and it is not necessary to make investments.

2 – You can work without your own product

You do not need to have a specific product to start making money online. Through the Affiliate Program you can post links to indicate material produced by others and receive commissions for sales made. This means that you can get benefits without worrying about acquiring and delivering the material sold.

3 – You will be your own boss

Joining the Affiliate Program means you are starting a new business. If you manage to generate good results as an affiliate, you can enjoy several advantages: be your own boss, work from home and make the most appropriate decisions. You can also manage your time the way you want, without anyone supervising schedules or interfering with your work.

4 – You will have ample possibilities to make the disclosure

As an affiliate you will have many possibilities to disclose the products. There are hundreds of virtual articles, of different formats, divided into dozens of niches. It will be easy to choose the ones that best dialogue with your audience and therefore have a greater potential for sales and profits.

5 – You will not have to deal with the consumer

All communication with the consumer, such as customer service and after-delivery assistance, is the responsibility of the Producer. In addition, the processing of sales and payments is in charge of the platform. The affiliate should only promote the link and, therefore, is free of headaches.

6 – You will not need a website or technical knowledge

To begin the promotion of digital product links, it is not necessary to have your own website. You can use other tools, such as social networks and email marketing. Nor is it necessary to be an IT expert to do the job. Anyone with basic knowledge of the Internet can participate in the Affiliate Program.

7 – You will choose the profit margin

Each Producer defines a profit margin for the material that is available on the platform. They can vary and reach 80% of the value of the digital product. The affiliate has to evaluate (from the statistics of sales and product quality) which link suits him best. What does that mean in practice? It is you who chooses the profit margin with which you want to work.

8 – You will have full control of the indications

How to know if your work is having good results? After joining the Affiliate Program you will have access to the platform and you will be able to control the performance of your indications. The system will show how many sales were made from the links you have promoted, a situation that guarantees good financial planning and the forecast of charges.

9 – You will have a guarantee of payment

One of the main advantages of the Affiliate Program is that the payments are managed by the platform, which automatically calculates the commissions after the sales, which eliminates the risk of fraud. In this way, the member’s remuneration is fully guaranteed.

10 – You can expand the business in the future

Another key advantage of the Affiliate Program is the possibility of growth! Most people start promoting in a timid way, using social networks and blogs with free domain. But as payments come in, you can separate a portion of the resources to expand your business.

Who can be an affiliate?

As in the case of Digital Producers, anyone can become a successful affiliate.

Today it is possible to find a large number of products thanks to the digital market is constantly expanding, so you can choose those that have more affinity with your business.

In addition, it is possible to find many materials about affiliation and marketing techniques to use in the promotion.

What are the different types of Affiliates?

After a lot of studying and working the Affiliates market we verified a standard among the four most common profiles of this professional:

  1. Affiliated authority:is an expert on a specific topic and uses its authority in that niche to recommend to the people who follow their work the products that could be useful to them. It is common for bloggers who already have an interesting volume on their pages or those who have built an email base to become an Authorized Affiliate, but there are no obstacles for someone starting from scratch to become an expert in a market in which particular.
  2. Affiliate presenter:the presenter uses his image and credibility to disclose the products he represents as an affiliate. In general, he has a strong presence in social networks and many fans who follow him every day.
  3. Scientific Affiliate:This affiliate constantly studies advanced marketing techniques and applies them to your business with advertisements, posts and other strategies to expand your digital business. He is analytical and knows how to measure his results to improve conversions.
  4. Affiliate reseller:The reseller is an expert in word-of-mouth sales, although he does not manage to climb much, he knows exactly what products he has to indicate to the people in his circle of coexistence. Even if you are not yet an authority or a scientist, it is interesting that you start by testing your techniques as a reseller affiliate .

What skills does an Affiliate have to possess?

Even when you decide to work as an affiliate in your free time, it is necessary to have some capabilities to be able to make sales. We are going to talk about some of them so you can start now to put them into practice:

  • Have discipline:being an affiliate is also a job and to reap good results you need discipline so that your strategies are solid. Set a calendar with the actions you can take to boost your business gradually and stay true to your plan.
  • Have a desire to study:the more you know about the market, the more professional you will be, so be aware of the news and study the promotion techniques that you still do not know.
  • Knowing how to communicate:to generate an audience you have to communicate well with your audience and that means knowing how to write clearly , be it ads, social networks or blogs. If you have in mind to record videos , you will also have to train oratory. In addition to talking to the public, good Affiliates always try to network with other professionals in the market in order to share experiences, improve their techniques and further expand their profits.
  • Be persistent:this advice is crucial for those who want to get great results and not just make one sale or another. Giving up quickly, one of the consequences of immediacy, leads to not achieving the desired goals and dreams. Design a plan and complete it, even when you still do not have benefits.

How to become a successful Affiliate

Success is something that everyone pursues today. The truth, however, is that not everyone achieves their goals. And this is because dreams only happen from actions. Money does not fall from the sky nor is it the result of luck or chance. In any case, the good news is that every effort has its consequence and, therefore, whoever works with dedication is in a position to win.

If you want to become a successful affiliate then you must face your daily activities as a company. That means that to obtain high conversion rates of sales indications and good financial results you will have to use some business management techniques.

The strategies correspond to four basic management areas: Planning , Marketing , Finance and Controls . Sounds complicated? Do not worry! Everything is much easier than you think! Know its details below:

Planning: write your own destiny

Planning is the key to any business.

If you want to be a successful Affiliate you must plan your actions. A good start is to outline a work schedule in which you will define how much time you will dedicate to the promotion of links on a daily basis.

It is also advisable to set specific tasks, such as writing articles in a blog. That strategy will maintain the focus and will not allow the Affiliate to be unproductive.

In any case, keep in mind that planning goes beyond the development of an agenda. It is also necessary to set financial goals, which will help guide your work. First of all you have to establish the profit margins that you want to achieve in the short, medium and long term, then check what actions you must implement to achieve all those objectives. Put it on paper and get organized so you can really achieve your goals. That is the secret to grow!

Marketing: learn to promote

If you want to obtain significant results in the Affiliate Program you must be aware that the promotion of links is pure marketing, so it is essential to use the appropriate tools at the time of making the disclosure. Here are seven golden tips for those who want to hit the mark when promoting links:

Have a website of your own

This will require a certain investment, but you can know that it will be worth it. The statistics show that the conversions are greater when the indications come from own pages. It is advisable to create a specific website for each niche of action.

Diversify the channels

It is very important to use multiple channels to communicate with the consumer. In addition to the website, you must make use of social networks and virtual forums.

Successful Affiliates also invest in the development of marketing emails and in the development of physical propaganda (which works very well in specific cases). And remember: whatever your options are, quality is fundamental!

Today’s consumers want to access visually attractive pages and ads, with good technical quality and without misspellings.

Choose a specific niche

When you start the promotion you will have to focus on a niche market, and the more specific, the better.

Remember that to make the results profitable, the indicated thing is that your website or blog does not mix advice for bodybuilders with messages for animal lovers, for example.

Although both publics may have common interests, it is better that you choose a specific consumer profile and dedicate yourself to it to conquer a good quality audience.

The advantages of working segmentation is that you can be more precise in your strategies to spread your brand.

In addition to considering the topics that you would like to talk about most, it is important that you create a list of the most promising ones in the digital products market, that are in tune with the materials you can produce to attract more potential customers and, consequently, to more buyers.

The companies with the Affiliate Program offer the products housed in the platform so that the Affiliates can select the ones they will promote. It is common to have a ranking with the best sellers, or those with a high satisfaction rate by most buyers.

After doing this analysis, use some of the search tools by terms, such as Google Trends, Google Adwords Keyword Planner and Keyword Tool, and verify the search volume by topics related to the niche of the chosen product.

Choose products of interest to your target audience

Now that you have defined the profile of the public, you have to know how to choose the right products to promote. The secret is to find the most relevant articles for the client, that is, digital products that are very useful for their niche.

Do you want an example?

Let’s say you have a blog with makeup tips. In that case you should indicate links to guides and beauty tutorials (that’s what the public is looking for when entering this type of page, right?).

Choose quality products to spread

When choosing digital products that you will make known, quality is also essential. Make sure the material is well prepared, visually appealing, the information is up-to-date and has no spelling errors.

You can also see if the Producer page has all those important features because they help sell more. Consequently, your recommendations will also have more chances of success.

Think about working with paid ads

Many people refuse to work with paid ads. But the successful affiliate knows that it is not a cost, but an investment. The strategy will guarantee a substantial increase in public, which will also represent an increase in conversions. The links you promote will earn more clicks, sales will increase and your profits will also increase.

Produce content and always update your pages

The production of content is one of the biggest secrets of sites, blogs and social network profiles and what guarantees a quality and loyal public. The important thing is to prepare texts and attractive messages with a very interesting and useful content for your audience. The messages will attract consumers to the pages where they can access links indicating digital products.

Finance: Earn and invest your money properly

Financial management is one of the biggest challenges for small entrepreneurs. Few have technical knowledge to manage resources properly. If that is your case, do not worry. There are two basic points that you should take into account in the Affiliate Program: how to earn and how to invest your money.

How to earn money

Affiliates earn a percentage of sales made from the links they choose to promote. This percentage is fixed by means of a commission informed by the Producer.

So if you want to have good financial results, you should pay attention to that issue when choosing digital products to disseminate. The product with the highest commission is not always the one that will produce the greatest profits.

You should also check if the article has a good sales history and if it is really relevant to your target audience.

How to invest your money

One of the most common mistakes made by small business owners is to spend all the money that comes in without bothering to guarantee the growth of the business. It is very important that you establish an amount of the benefits to invest.

You can use this money, for example, to build your own website or hire a designer to create the arts and new advertising.

It is also important to maintain a reserve for months of little movement, since sales are always subject to the seasonality of the market and the fluctuations of the economic conjuncture.

Controls: monitor your performance

The three aspects analyzed ─ Planning, Marketing and Finance─ need control. This is the element that will tell you if your strategies, in each of the areas mentioned, are being successful or not.

But ultimately, how do you control?

You just have to use the correct metrics! There are several different types of them and some can give similar answers to the entrepreneur. So the secret is knowing what and how to measure.

The key for the Affiliate is to check if their disclosure actions are working.

For this you have to average the conversion of each of the ads and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing strategy. Invest in strategies that are working well and improve those that need more significant results. If you take into account that the overall performance is much lower than expected, it may be necessary to make more extensive changes.

Do you want some examples?

Make changes in the segmentation of the public, look for new digital products to promote and invest in the creation of a new (more attractive) design of your pages.

Another key issue in the “Control” theme is access to platform reports. They will provide you with valuable information about the performance of the work. You will see, for example, the number of clicks on your links, the volume of indications converted into sales and the financial summary of your commissions.

The important thing is to work and monitor always. That is the best way to succeed!

How does the relationship between the Producer and the Affiliate work?

The Producer is in charge of all the development of the digital product, the fixing of prices and the commission paid to the Affiliate.

Some Affiliate programs give the Producer the option to leave membership open or closed. In the open, anyone can join, and, in the closed, it is the Producer who approves, or not, it’s Affiliates.

In addition, the Producer will be responsible for all relationships with customers, from the delivery of the material (in this case, some platforms perform this process in an automated way for the Producer) to the support task in case of doubts.

Where can affiliates promote their products?

Once you have chosen the products you will be affiliated with, it is time to define your first dissemination strategies. To continue you will see the most used options as marketing strategies:

  • Social networks:Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and many other successful social networks today are a powerful tool to promote your Affiliate links. But he understands that the function of these networks is always to attract the audience with interesting content. Making propaganda without context or relevant material is an amateur strategy and it is very likely that it will not bring you results. The ideal is to build strong profiles in these networks and sustain them with interesting material, then talk about your product.
  • Blog:you can use well written content about the market of the product you are going to publish and, in this way, attract the audience that most resembles your ideal buyers. A good positioning in Google with SEO techniques can help you obtain organic traffic (not paid) and a qualified audience that has more affinity with the promoted product. If the theme of your product is “women’s self-esteem”, for example, it is very interesting to make a post about “The most common factors that cause depression in women” or maybe “5 signs that confirm that you have a low self esteem.”
  • Google Adwords:with Google Adwords you can make ads aimed at the audience you want to reach and you will have to pay for each click you receive on your link, even if the click does not end in purchase. You can advertise on Google search pages, blogs and websites through banners and also on YouTube.
  • E-mail marketing:study ways to develop sales funnels that can reach the people who provided the email address in the right way and at the right time. In this way you can talk to your audience in a personalized way and increase the chances of conversion.

Now that you know everything about the Affiliate Program, it’s time to take the first steps to become a successful professional.

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