What I should know before selecting an Aviation Academy.

The person who is interested in studying for airline or airline commercial pilot should make sure to select the best school or aviation Academy possible. The quality of the teaching and the recognition of the obtained licenses make the difference when applying for a commercial pilot position in an Airline.

  1. How many aircraft does the school have and under what conditions?

The number of aircraft is essential for the continuity of a pilot’s training. A school with few aircraft or malfunctioning delays the student and makes him lose the continuity of training. A student with little continuity needs more flight hours to reach each license therefore it will cost more expensive training and it will also take more time to get the licenses.

The quality of the aircraft is a matter of life and death. In aviation we cannot risk having an aircraft without proper maintenance.

  1. How many and what types of simulators does the school have?

Not all schools offer simulator training since it is not a requirement to obtain a commercial pilot license. However, being able to train in AATD (Advanced Aircraft Training Device) simulators of some type of Jet is a great tool and advantage for a commercial pilot when looking for a job.

  1. What licenses does the school offer?

To apply to an airline it is necessary to present the Private Pilot License and more importantly the Commercial Pilot License.

  1. What rating (ratings) does the program offer me?

A single-engine commercial pilot is not the same as a Commercial Pilot with multi-engine rating and instrument rating. These two ratings are fundamental requirements to be able to work in an airline. Many schools do not offer these ratings due to the lack of aircraft equipped to fly IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) for the rating instruments, nor do they have multi-engine aircraft to get this rating.

  1. What other extra benefits does the school offer me?

We know that studying aviation is usually more expensive than studying other professions, so that is why the student should investigate what other extra benefits the school offer their best to help students throughout the course and ensure that each individual receives proper attention.

Selecting a good aviation Academy Chennai makes the difference when looking for a job. A more prepared pilot better trained and with more flight hours has higher chances of getting a job on an Airline. Nowadays, English is fundamental and necessary to be able to think about becoming a commercial pilot. It is for that reason that it is the direct responsibility of the student to investigate different options and select the best possible academy.

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