Why do Indians love sending good morning quotes in Hindi?

Greetings are a great way to show your respect as well as love and affection for the people you care about or even for the people who are in your professional circle. There are many text messaging apps in modern times, and this helps all the people to stay connected in the recent times. You can stay connected to your friends, family, loved ones and also your colleagues. Through the messaging apps people wish each other and among these wishes, good morning wishes are quite common these days. This is the wish for the beginning of the day. You can change a person’s mood by just dropping a simple text message.

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Why is Hindi Preferred More Prevalent as a Language Base for the Good Morning Texts?

People usually have great hype in receiving good morning texts from their loved ones. The recent culture is making the whole text sending of the morning greetings more prevalent in the Hindi language. For a long time the English language has been the common link between the diverse populace of India, and through English, they could communicate with each other. At those times the Hindi language was not such a common language. Since today Hindi has become more popular and prevalent of a language not only in India but also in many parts of the world, Indians have made it a point to popularize the language further. Indians are proud of their heritage, and they love to take pride in their language. As a result, good morning quotes in hindi have become more common in recent years, not only among the adults but also among the younger generations. Here are some of the reasons as to why Indians love to send good morning messages in Hindi:

  • Greetings in the Most Traditional Way – Greetings in the mornings are essential for the receiver as he or she will start the day after seeing the text. Through a Hindi good morning quote, you can motivate them to have a great day, and you are doing it the traditional way.
    Pride in the Language –
    Indians are proud of their language and culture. This is a significant reason as to why they love to send good morning texts in Hindi. This is a significant reason for the use of Hindi as a good morning quote language.
  • The threat of Loss of Culture due to Westernization – With the rapid westernization, of the culture, there is a significant threat to the loss of Indian culture and heritage. The people of the country want to preserve their language, and they hence want to popularize their home language.
  • Availability of the Hindi Typography in the Messaging Apps – The various mobile apps these days have the facility of Hindi typography availed in the modern times. This is like a motivation to type and text in Hindi. As a result, many people like to send good morning texts in Hindi.
  • Indians Believe there is Certain Unexplainable Warmth in the Hindi Language – Indians believe that there is a specific unexplainable form of feel and warmth about the language Hindi. This makes them love the language so much, and thus they want to use this language as much as possible. It makes the person sending the text to feel a good as the person receiving the text.
  • The popularization of the Hindi Language – Indians have been subdued as a British colony for over 200 years. After that Indians today tend to keep at par to the rest of the world, and as a result, they want to popularize their own language.

These are the various reasons as to why the present day Indians loves to send good morning quotes in their own language, Hindi. There are many reasons like their pride in their home language and also because of their want to popularize their language. There are many ways in which the use of Hindi makes them feel so much better. The literacy rate in India is low at certain parts of the country and through the text messages in Hindi; it can be forwarded to the people who are unable to read English as well. With the rapid modernization of the world, there is a threat to the loss of culture and heritage as well as the language of the country. India is a country that is rich in their culture and also has a diverse heritage. The threat also unconsciously makes them want to popularize their language.

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