Why Should You Prefer Trains for Journeys?

Many people hesitate to go out on trips and meet their friends living in other cities. There is a reason for it. The reason is inconvenience. They don’t want to bear the troubles of long journeys. If you are one of these fellows, then you need to shrug off your assumptions. There are means of transportation that can get you an amazing experience that too without any discomfort.

Have you ever tried out Indian railways? They have fantastic options, services like train pnr and there hardly be any destination where the trains don’t go. You know the country is home to more than 1.3 billion people and being a developing country, railways is the finest mode for the bulk of Indians to go on journeys. You can conveniently go to the destination you want to go to that too without spending a huge amount. Similarly, the compartments are comfortable.

Why People Prefer Trains?

There are myriad of reasons that people prefer to travel by trains in India. Have a look below:

Expense within budget

The foremost reason is that the low income group of Indian population choose railways over other means due to the inexpensive rates as compared to other modest mode i: e buses. The lowest charge on railways is as low as fourteen paise per kilometre.

This same reason applies to the long distance inexpensive travel. While the long distance travel on airline may be very comfortable but is still somewhere out of the reach of most of Indians. On the other hand there are extremely few bus operators that function long distance travel.  The Railways caters the solution to both these problems. There are more than hundred trains covering 1000 km or more.

An Impressive Amount

There is an ample amount of trains for nearly all the destinations. The coverage of buses and airlines   is not that comprehensive. You can find one or two or even more trains going to the same destination. Similarly, there won’t be a place that isn’t connected by railways. Of course, trains keep people happy and contented.

Safe option

It won’t be wrong to state that railways are relatively safer than road transport. You can daily hear about plenty of road accidents. But how often do you hear about a train accident? You are the better judge to differentiate here.

Ease of traveling

There is ease of traveling in trains. You can easily go on journeys that too without any discomfort. You can do plenty of activities while you are in train. It is always good to find activities like reading, listening to music, talking, and site seeing and other ones in a train. You never get bored when you are in a train. Even if you have nothing to do; you can simply have a nice nap. And you can even have a word with the fellow travelers too.

Thus, if you have never thought about Indian railways as a preferred mean of transportation; it is time you do. It would be great if you go ahead and embrace Indian railways with both hands.

You can take a sigh of relief

How many of you have a hectic routine? If you have one, then you need to take all your journeys by train. When you go by other means of transportation, you get even more tired but when you are in a train, your journey remains comfortable and easy. You can experience a great pinch of comfort in a train because these train journeys have all the ease and time stored for you. If you are going to a destination, and it would take seven hours or a day even; you can use the time in the best possible way. You can take rest to the fullest. It is not just about the physical rest, it is about mental rest too.

What you can do is you can close your eyes and sit against the back cushion of your seat.  There is no need to think about any worries or problems or to worry about future. The only thing you have to do is keep your mind as calm as you can. Since there won’t be anyone asking you about your deadlines or other tasks, you can buy yourself that special alone time and feel the power of sitting idle and thinking about nothing. All your stress and burdens would evaporate right away.

So, you need to execute all these things on your train journeys and you would have a good time. You can explore the diversity of your nation and can buy some relaxation for yourself too!

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