Work Motivation: How To Be A Good Boss

I have tried to collect the aspects that I have seen that have the best bosses I have had in common; and although I would prefer not to have a boss and be 100% owner of my time, the reality is that I have had some great bosses that have helped me grow and become a better professional. They have drastically improved the work motivation in the team and have become good friends.

These are the aspects that I consider to make a good boss:

1- A good boss understands and supports the employee’s personal goals :

Your employees have internal goals (related to their professional career) and external goals (family, hobbies, other business, etc.). While the boss understands the objectives of the employee and is committed to helping him, more loyalty develops from the same and contributes to the work motivation of the team.

For example, I’ve always loved bosses who have an interest in my family. They understand that being a father and husband is one of my priorities and they support me when I need to focus on that part of my life.

2 – A good boss gives freedom and autonomy to employees to run the business :

There is nothing worse than a boss breathing in your neck. The best bosses are those who transfer power. They train you, they make sure you think correctly, and then they give you freedom to act. They monitor the results and give you direction, but you always feel confident in your judgment.

One of the phrases that most excites me is, after presenting a situation, analysis of options or problem to my boss, he says: It’s your business: What would you do? And then he takes the time to listen carefully to my opinion.

3- A good boss invests time in helping his employees grow to the next level :

A good boss understands that his biggest impact on the organization is to develop other leaders. This type of boss takes the time (and I’m talking … enough time) to help his staff succeed. It teaches its employees how to think, how to analyze, how small aspects affect the holistic vision of the company, etc.

It is important to emphasize that for a good boss to be able to help others, he must become an expert in his position and his business. There is nothing worse than mediocre bosses who do not understand the business and consequently, give the wrong direction to their staff.

4- A good boss protects his employees against others in the organization :

The team may have defects, but a good boss takes responsibility for his team and assumes the mistakes. In front of the organization, superiors and colleagues always protect their people. It not only protects, but promotes.

The best bosses are those who are always raising the good news from their team to senior management and looking for the opportunity for employees to have exposure to that leadership as much as possible.

5- A good boss compensates his employees correctly :

In 99.9% of the cases the employees work for money. Of course there are other factors that take into consideration but normally, money is the main factor. Therefore, good bosses pay well. They use their influence to maximize the compensation of their team.

6- A good boss influences the employees so that they take vacations :

Good bosses understand that vacations are necessary for the restoration of the employee. They always motivate their people to be balanced in the personal work-life relationship.

If they observe an employee working late or on weekends, they worry and try to correct the problem by helping the employee manage their priorities or by balancing the workload.

Unfortunately we live in a world where the figure of the boss is worn out. A few mediocre bosses have damaged the image of many good bosses. There are great leaders who are dedicated to your organization and your team with everything and are committed to improving work motivation. If you are a boss, or aspire to be, make sure you are a good one. Let us work intentionally in becoming responsible for changing the negative image of the figure of the boss.

Do you have any experience or aspect of a good boss that I have omitted? Please feel free to place it in the comments to learn from your experiences.

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