Eye makeup tricks you should know

Certainly this is the most difficult part and that takes more time. We know that it is really important to have your eyes well made, but it is a reality that sometimes you do not have the time necessary to achieve the look you are looking for.

Do you self-proclaim yourself as a beginner when it comes to eye makeup?

If your answer is yes, you should know that there is nothing to be ashamed of.

We have all gone through the uncomfortable initial stages of learning to apply makeup; not knowing what kind of brush to use, what is the fold or how to properly mix our base in a perfect way on our skin.

If you have found yourself looking in the mirror and wondering what is going where, we have the solution for you.

This makeup tutorial will help any beginner learn to do eye makeup correctly and perfectly from here on out.

How to make eye makeup for beginners

This small step-by-step eye makeup tutorial for beginners will get you on the right track

Step 1

Always start with a pre-base for eyes.

The pre-base for eyes helps create a smooth surface for eye makeup.

Once the pre-base has dried, you can apply an eye shadow base that helps the eye make-up settles better to the skin.

If you do not have an eye shadow base, a concealer or a base will work very well.

Step 2

Start with 4 basic neutral tones.

For beginners, it is important that they start with 4 basic shades to show off a natural look every day.

You need an illuminator that is a shade lighter than your skin tone, a medium matte shadow, a shadow outline that is 2-3 shades darker than your skin and a matt black tone.

If you have a facial illuminator, you can also use it.

Step 3

Grab the essential eye makeup brushes.

You will need a small flat eye shadow brush for the application, a small and medium sized blur brush, and a brush to spread the color (optional).

Step 4

Slide your flat brush over the lightest shade and apply it to the inner corner of the eyes.

This is where most of the product should be, and then you can easily mix it out later.

Be sure to tap your brush before applying to remove excess product.

Step 5

Here is a trick you can try: Dip the tip of the brush in enough water to moisten it.

Then, slide it over the eye shadow and apply again in the innermost corner of the eyes (lacrimal area). You will be surprised at how pigmented it will look.

When you’re done with that, use the same color and highlight the arch of your eyebrows

Step 6

Now it’s time to use the shade of medium tone.

Use a brush to blur to apply the eye shadow on the fold, blurring from the outside corner inward.

How will you know that you have not exaggerated with the shadow? Hold your brush on the edge of your nose going up to the edge of the eyes. Anything below the line must be free of shadow.

Step 7

Outlines the eyes.

Using the tone to contour, apply from the outer corner while blurring from the fold to the other half of the eye.

Please make sure you do not blur too much because the tone of the medium should always be darker than the outline tone.

Step 8

The makeup of your eyelid is ready so you can now proceed to the lower part of the eye.

Mix the mid tone and contour tone and apply it on the lower line of tabs starting from the outer corner until you meet the illuminator.

Step 9

To complete this style, apply the matte eye shadow on the outer corner of the eyes and near the bottom line of eyelashes.

This will make the eyes look more dramatic.

Step 10

And of course, it will not look so good if your lashes are not curled, then add mask, eyeliner, and with a little practice, a false eyelashes too.

As you can see, this basic natural makeup is absolutely easy and with a certain practice, you will be able to master it.

Once you do it, mixing the colors and creating new looks will be as easy as eating cake!

In addition to this tutorial you can also make use of some good tricks that we have compiled for eye makeup.

We bring you some tricks so you can save time and look beautiful, especially on those days when you’re in a hurry.

Delineate and curl

Something essential when it comes to makeup your eyes is the curling of your eyelashes. It’s amazing the difference they produce in your appearance.

Because of this, this technique of “2 for 1” will be very useful, since it will allow you to delineate your eyes at the same time as you curl your eyelashes. It will give you a smooth appearance but at the same time highlighting your eyes, a perfect look to wear during the day.

You need: a curler for eyelashes and a soft pencil for the eyes – you can use the pencil that you usually use as long as it is easy to apply.

delineate your eyes

With your pencil, draw a thin line on the edge of your eyelash curler. You can make this line as thin or thick as you want.

Make sure to press the curler against your skin as close to the line of your eyelash as possible. Squeeze and release the curler a couple of times to make sure that the eyeliner is applied well to your skin and in turn to curl more your lashes.

Ready! Not only will you have enviable eyelashes but you will have also delineated them. It’s super easy!

The way you hold the curler against your eyelashes is the most important part, so if you do not fit you can apply shadow with your brush to the area that is uneven.

Making your eyelashes thicker

If you love thick and voluminous eyelashes but do not have time to apply a million layers of mascara or do not like to put false eyelashes, this trick is for you. It will allow you to see yourself as if you had 3 or 4 layers of mask, although you will only have applied 2.

It is important that the mask you use is a reliable brand, since the results vary greatly according to their quality.

You need: The mask you use regularly and powder for eyelashes (preferably mineral, since it is finely ground and lumps will not form).

Making your eyelashes thicker

Curl your lashes. Apply a mask layer. With a soft brush, apply a little mineral powder on your lashes. Be careful not to get in touch with your eyes. Apply your second mask layer and you will see how each of your eyelashes will become thicker.

When the first mask layer is still wet / damp, dusting helps to make the powder adhere better to the lashes. So when you apply the second layer, it will help give it more volume than if you applied it normally on your lashes.

Delineating them perfectly

Some may know this trick, but it seemed good to add it as it is something that never fails.

Unless you’re really a professional, achieving a perfect delineation (and stay in both eyes) is something really difficult to achieve.

But with this advice it will only take a few minutes and you can achieve a perfect finish.

You need: Eye shadow or gel / liquid eyeliner. A credit or presentation card, or anything with a similar shape.

eye makeup tricks

With shadow: Place the card on the outer edge of your eye, pointing to where your eyebrow ends. First apply the shadow against the edge of the card, applying what remains in your brush to the middle of your eye.

This way you will get a perfect line and it will also give you that fainter effect. If you do not want the line to be so marked, smooth the edges with a clean brush.

With liquid or gel eyeliner: Place the card in the position explained in the previous paragraph. Apply the eyeliner, starting at the outer tip of the eye and going upwards – against the edge of the card.

Extend the line as much as you want. As soon as you finish drawing the line, start drawing back in the direction of your lashes, so you can finish the look.

You can also use tape to do this. Make sure it is transparent and not to tear it too hard by removing it from your skin, as this area is quite sensitive.

Well here they are, 3 super easy and fast tricks that will help you when applying your makeup.

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