Making Home Décor Improvements On A Budget

If you’re in the mood to refresh your home’s interior, and give your living space a facelift, you don’t need to break the budget. This might come as welcome relief, since so many homeowners think that a fresh new interior is outside of their reach because they don’t have the massive budgets they see people splurge on interior design television shows.

You can make home décor improvements without a lot of money, you simply need to be smart and thrifty. There are many helpful tips and techniques you can follow to achieve a great remodelling, or only update your home’s interior while still keeping the bottom line in mind. Let’s take a look at some helpful hints and tips to help you do just that.

Refreshing Your Home’s Décor With A DIY Approach

When interior decorators make over a space or room on those television shows, they often do so in the most expensive ways possible. What’s more, there are usually working with commercial sponsors and a whole team of professionals, so naturally the sponsors want to showcase the best of the best.

To redo a space for a reasonable amount, it’s best to take a different approach. Rather than changing everything, have a goal of keeping as much as you can, and repurposing it where appropriate. Finding ways to make old stuff look like new is part of the fun of redecorating.

  • Adding a coat of chalk paint to an old dresser will give it a fresh, rustic appeal that screams Bohemian style!
  • Old pieces of mechanical equipment can become new works of art. Polish them up, frame them or place them on a pedestal, and you have art!
  • Instead of buying everything new, try and use things you already have, but think of different placements for them. An art easel that has been gathering dust could become a perfect spot for a beautiful print that you want to display.
  • Turn an old metal watering can into an indoor plant pot that will create a stunning feature for any room.
  • Refinish or repaint a beloved wooden table, prior to using it as a new desk. Or, even better, you can take it all apart and then use its parts in many different ways around the home – as shelves, counter tops or to house photographs.
  • Build a bookcase from a chest of drawers
  • Build a bar from a bookcase
  • Create shelving from a dresser
  • Build a sink vanity from a dresser

Make It A DIY Project

Most redecorating or remodelling jobs are cheaper when you take care of them yourself, rather than hiring a professional to see to it. Plus, you get to enjoy the fun of learning something new. These projects can range from installing your own window blinds, to laying your own flooring and hanging your own doors or cupboards.

Another perk of taking a do-it-yourself approach is the great sense of accomplishment you enjoy, and the bragging rights of showing off your handiwork to friends and family. You also place more value in a unique, one-of-a-kind flea-market coffee table you refinished yourself, rather than a pricey store-bought table with a massive price tag.

A Change Is As Good As A Holiday

Many people are amazed by the big impact that merely rearranging their existing furniture can have on the look and feel of a room. If the first thing you see when entering your living room is the massive three-seater couch, this furniture piece might be blocking traffic and flow.

Simply moving the couch back against the opposite wall can help to create a new focal point in the room, while also boosting traffic flow. It can also end up making the room seem more inviting, and importantly, won’t cost you a cent to do. It goes hand-in-hand with using what you already have. This approach often entails merely changing the look of the furniture pieces you already have.

Other small changes that can have a big impact include:

  • A fresh coat of paint on the walls. Why not even create a focal point by painting one wall a different colour to the others.
  • Add indoor plants to bring some fresh, green detail into each room. Plants completely lift a space and make it feel more inviting.
  • Buy or make wooden photo frames for your favourite photographs and create a photo wall.
  • Add fairy lights to your outdoor sitting area to create ambience at night.

These are only a few and obvious ways in which you can give your home’s décor a makeover on a budget. Part of the appeal of taking care of it on your own is that you get to make the decisions you’re comfortable living with. At the end of the day, it’s ultimately you and your family that have to spend time in the space so you need to make sure that it’s a space you love. Make wise purchase and design choices, and you can have a whole new look in your home without ever breaking the bank.

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