Did you know? Only 10% of people sleep naked. And yet, sleeping naked offers many benefits both for the body and for the morale. Fall asleep faster, boost your libido, avoid infections, improve your fertility and your self-esteem… the benefits of sleeping naked are numerous. Bhaskar from WeeklyWoo explains why sleeping naked is healthier.

Boost the couple relationship

Exposing your naked body outside moments of intimacy is not always easy, even with your spouse. However, sleeping naked when you are in a relationship will allow you to regain confidence in your body.

Being naked will increase sexual desire and bring couples closer physically, but also emotionally. Indeed, people who sleep naked together are closer, make love more often and will be more intimate in their relationship.

This is explained not only by the nudity itself, but also by the skin-to-skin contact which will allow the brain to secrete oxytocin, the hormone of love and attachment. This is also why newborns are placed against the skin of the mother and the father, in order to secrete this famous hormone of attachment.

In addition, a study carried out in Great Britain shows that people who sleep naked are happier thanks to the oxytocin secreted and a reduction in stress and anxiety has been observed.

It helps you fall asleep faster

By falling asleep naked, you will be more likely to fall asleep quickly. Body temperature is one of the keys to the proper functioning of the circadian rhythm or biological clock. It changes throughout the day, gradually decreasing during the evening. This is one of the reasons why you start having slack from a certain hour. Sleeping naked will allow you to lower your body temperature faster, helping you fall into the arms of Morpheus faster. Down with overheated bedrooms and pajamas.  

It’s good for the skin and the hair

This famous decrease in body temperature not only has the advantage of helping you sleep quickly, it also stimulates an anti-aging hormone, melatonin. This regenerates the cells and thus improves the quality of the skin and hair.

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It helps prevent infections

Forgetting your clothes allows the body to breathe and therefore reduces perspiration, humidity and therefore the production of bacteria and infections, especially vaginal for women. Because remember that the vagina is a warm and humid environment, which makes it the ideal place for the proliferation of bacteria. Sleeping naked can therefore help reduce the risk of yeast infection by allowing some of the heat and moisture in the vagina to escape during the night. Regarding the bed, prefer cotton sheets to synthetic materials, which breathe less well.

It’s good for the libido

As you would have guessed, sleeping naked can give your partner ideas and help rekindle/maintain the flame. According to a 2014 survey of a thousand married couples in the United Kingdom, 57% of those who slept naked said they were “extremely happy” with their relationship compared to 48% who preferred to sleep in their pajamas . “There are many factors that can affect the success of a relationship, but a very important factor is the bedroom environment,” said Stephanie Thiers-Ratcliffe, researcher who participated in the study.

It’s good for male fertility

In 2018, researchers found, after a study of 656 men, that those who wore boxers produced more sperm than those who wore tighter-fitting underwear. Probably because relatively loose underwear helps keep the testicles cool. On the contrary, high temperatures in the scrotum can negatively affect their functioning. Logically, sleeping naked could ventilate your testicles at night, thereby improving sperm production.

It improves the quality of life

According to another study, also published in 2018, participating in “naturist activities” could improve quality of life, body image and self-esteem. We imagine that it also works with sleeping in Adam’s or Eve’s outfit.

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Better for the body

Sleeping naked will also help you sleep better.

Since the body is not hampered by clothing, it will have better blood circulation and movement will be freer.

In addition, the fact of not being bundled up in clothes will allow the body to breathe and therefore produce less sebum which is the natural oil of the skin. We will also tend to sweat less. A secretion of sebum coupled with intense perspiration and the friction of clothing may be the cause of skin problems such as acne for example. Thus, leaving the body free is more hygienic. This will also release toxins more easily.

In terms of intimate hygiene, sleeping naked will also be beneficial, because clothing often leads to excessive heat and humidity in the intimate area, which is the favorite climate for bacteria. Sleeping naked will therefore reduce the risk of yeast infections in women. On the men’s side, not overheating the testicles during sleep will result in better quality sperm.

Falling asleep will also be easier and being naked will require the body to make an effort to regulate its temperature, which will even burn a few calories along the way!

Finally, the melatonin or sleep hormone produced during a good night will allow better cell regeneration. This melatonin is also present in the skin and its secretion will improve the quality of the complexion and the hair.

Better for morale

We said it above, but it’s also true when you’re alone, sleeping naked will allow you to reconcile with your body and have a better self-image. Shivering in the morning will allow you to wake up faster and more efficiently and you will already be ready to jump in the shower!

What’s more, the heat provided by clothing during sleep will allow the secretion of cortisol which will tend to promote stress, by sleeping naked, the body is thus prevented from producing too much of it.

How to start?

If sleeping naked is not your habit, it is not always easy to get started. We can start gradually by keeping only an underwear and a t-shirt and then removing them when we feel comfortable enough, the goal is still to have a good night!

In addition, preference will be given to sheets made of cotton or natural material which allow better air circulation and are therefore healthier. We will adjust the sheets and blankets according to the season and we can keep an extra blanket to wear if we fear being cold. Finally, a shower before going to bed can only be pleasant to have clean and fresh skin. We will opt for a lukewarm shower to regulate the body’s temperature and prepare it for bedtime.

We will ensure that the temperature of the room is neither too low nor too high knowing that it is advisable to sleep in a bedroom at a temperature between 16° and 18°. Last tip for parents or roommates, remember to keep a bathrobe handy if you have to get up quickly.


Is it normal to sleep naked?

Yes, it is perfectly normal to sleep naked. In fact, many people find it more comfortable than sleeping in clothes.

Can sleeping naked help with insomnia?

Yes, sleeping naked can help regulate your body temperature, leading to a more restful sleep. However, if you suffer from severe insomnia, it’s best to consult with a healthcare professional for treatment options.

Will sleeping naked make me cold at night?

No, sleeping naked won’t necessarily make you cold at night. Your body temperature naturally fluctuates during sleep, and sleeping naked can help regulate it.

Is sleeping naked hygienic?

Yes, sleeping naked can be hygienic. By sleeping without clothes on, you reduce the chances of developing skin irritations and infections, particularly in sensitive areas of the body.

Can sleeping naked help with fertility?

Yes, sleeping naked can help improve fertility, particularly for men. Sleeping without clothes on allows the testicles to cool down, which can improve the quality and quantity of sperm cells.

What if I feel uncomfortable sleeping naked?

If you feel uncomfortable sleeping naked, consider investing in comfortable and breathable sleepwear. Wearing loose-fitting cotton clothing can provide similar benefits to sleeping naked.


When you sleep in pajamas, underwear or under a duvet, you limit your production of somatotropin or growth hormone. This prevents you from burning fat overnight and disrupts your muscle recovery. On the contrary, sleeping naked will help you free your movements and regulate your levels of cortisol or stress hormones, which will reduce your blood pressure, stimulate your appetite and improve your libido in the process. We come back to it.

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