The 10 most beautiful hairstyles for short hair

You want a new cut for your short hair? We have the most beautiful hairstyles for short-haired women or those who want to become one

For short hair there are countless hairstyles!

If you already have short hair or are considering wearing it short in the future, we have the perfect hairstyles for you. With short hair you can do a lot more than you might have thought. You can style it wonderfully and wear it in many different ways. The stars show it off and show how they skillfully put their short hairstyle in scene.

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The most beautiful hairstyles

Get great and refined ideas and inspiration for your short hairstyle in our gallery of stars.

  1. The current hairstyle of actress Úrsula Corberó has a lot of volume at the top, because the top coat is longer than the sides. For styling, knead volume foam into the hair and dry upside down with the diffuser attachment. At the end with a styling cream in shape.
    hairstyle of actress Úrsula Corberó
  2. The Pixie is a true cult hairstyle! Short hairstyle and combed forward model Agyness Deyn still wearing it in 2007. This hairstyle became a hit in the 60s, especially by Audrey Hepburn and gives his wearer a strong yet delicate charisma.
    Short hairstyle and combed forward model Agyness Deyn
  3. Actress Kate Hudson wears her Pixie with a fashionable hair band. This haircut looks just as great with fine hair as with thick hair.
    Actress Kate Hudson
  4. Halle Berry 2012 wears her pixie casually disheveled and highly groomed. But still, this hairstyle is totally modern! He refines every face shape and makes distinctive moves more delicate.
    Halle Berry
  5. Elisabeth Moss, who has longer hair today, surprised in 2013 with this fresh styling. The hairs on the sides and neck are short, the covering hair reaches over the nose, partly up to the chin, and falls softly into the face.
    Elisabeth Moss
  6. A wet-look conjures a cool style out of cute curls – like actress Isabela Moner. For curls cream in single, still wet strands give. Wrap the lots into slugs and fix. Dry with the hair dryer, let it air dry. Release braces and form curls with gel.
    actress Isabela Moner
  7. Timelessly beautiful waves of water Cara Delevingne. With the curling iron: Pull the side parting and distribute the heat protection spray. Divide a hand-wide lot. Put the rod close to the crown and pinch the strand. Keep it short and repeat the same about five centimeters lower. Comb with gel at the end.
    Cara Delevingne
  8. Tiered sides and the longer scalp hair are ideal for a fine hair structure such as that of actress Lily Collins. The top coat is antoupiert and combed in a deep vertex to one side. The Undone look is provided by some volume powder – rub in the hands and run through the hair.
    actress Lily Collins
  9. A few years ago, Jennifer Lawrence wore this tiered short haircut. Especially casual: comb the top coat forward into the forehead and pluck it with wax. The style is a great contrast to soft, feminine faces. By volume on the top of the head, the silhouette is optically extended.
    Jennifer Lawrence
  10. From short to long: This hairstyle by actress Kate Mara was once a pixie. The transitional hairstyle with long top hair fits perfectly with her boyish face. To do so, pull a deep part of your head, comb the longer hair to one side with a little wax, put it behind your ears and pluck out some wisps.
    actress Kate Mara

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