There is practically a useful application for every need in 2023. Now all you have to do is take out your smartphone to access various tools, each more practical than the next: diaries, notepads, social networks, dating apps, etc.

Let’s take a look today at the applications offered in the area that we are particularly passionate about: earning money in all its aspects (the favorite theme of this website). The current offers being relatively numerous, we present you only the best of them in this article. These 16 apps offer you the choice of answering surveys, playing, walking, buying… for a fee.

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1. Swagbucks

The purpose of the Swagbucks app is to accumulate points in order to earn rewards. For this, you will have to carry out some missions that will be offered to you such as answering surveys, watching videos, clicking on advertisements, downloading partner applications, playing games, etc.

This app also allows you to earn cashback on your purchases. When you have accumulated enough points (500 points minimum), you can convert them into euros by requesting a PayPal transfer, or by exchanging them for gift cards (Amazon, Zalando, Decathlon, etc.). This application is available in 11 countries including France, and can be accessed from 13 years old.


The eBuyClub application will allow you to obtain discounts and cashback on your purchases from one of the 2540 partner merchants. The latter can be merchants from any universe (travel, fashion and accessories, beauty and health, high-tech, food and drinks, culture and leisure, garden and home, etc.). In addition, you will be able to discover all the good plans that are near your home (restaurants, shops…). You will also be able to discover, wherever you are, all the valid promo codes and consult your kitty in real time. The in-store cashback system works through a “flash ticket” mode, which consists of taking a photo of your ticket following your purchases in order to receive your cashback.

To benefit from all its advantages, you will need to download the eBuyClub application, which is free. If you do not already have a personal space, you will need to create one. Finally, you can start benefiting from the discounts and filling your kitty. The latter is cashable from €10 accumulated and the different means of obtaining are as follows: bank transfer, PayPal transfer, bank check, purchase vouchers or reduction vouchers.

3. I-Say

I-Say is a paid survey application, owned by Ipsos, the third leading market research group. This French reference works on the following principle: you must answer surveys according to your profile to obtain points convertible into gift vouchers or money. 100 points correspond to 1 euro and a survey allows you to win between 40 and 200 points approximately.

The application offers other ways to earn money: sponsorship system, prize draws, contests and loyalty program. The latter allows you to have additional points as soon as a number of surveys is reached. For example, after 5 surveys, you earn 25 points and after 100 surveys, 300 points. It is the only paid survey app that currently offers a loyalty program.

4. Toluna

Toluna is an application that consists of answering paid surveys corresponding to your profile and the panel that the brand is looking for. Each survey earns a number of points, more or less depending on the length of the surveys. You have the choice between converting them into cash or gift vouchers. You should know that 4,000 points correspond to 1 euro and that a survey allows you to earn between 100 and 1,000 points approximately.

Regularity and perseverance are the keys to success on Toluna. As you browse the app, you will realize that there are other features to earn money (product testing, sweepstakes, sponsorship, etc.) and achieve a satisfying prize pool.

5. iGraal

iGraal is another cashback application, and ranks among the leaders in France. You can earn up to 35% of your purchase at partner stores. The sponsorship offer allows you to obtain 3 euros during the first purchase of your godchild then 10% of each of his cashback earnings for subsequent purchases.

If you wish, you can donate your winnings to an iGraal partner charity. Discount coupons and promotional codes are also available on the application.

6. BeMyEye

As the name of this application suggests, with BeMyEye your mission will be to go to a store near you and observe something requested (for example, take a picture of a department, ask for advice from a staff on site and describe the exchange on the app, or simply answer a few questions following your visit). You choose the mission you want to carry out and each of them is paid. The purpose of this application is to send you as a mystery shopper and thus collect some information about the store in question.

The BeMyEye application (on Google Play or the App Store ) makes it quite easy to earn money by carrying out missions for large companies. These missions, which can be chosen according to their location and their duration, therefore consist of going to a business (restaurants, shop, etc.) to take a picture of the storefront, the shelves, the animations, the products or any other specified request.. These photos will be accompanied by your comments concerning prices, customer service or the presentation and availability of products in order to meet the demands and needs of businesses.

You can download the app and register for it for free. You only need to be 18 years old and have a bank account and/or a PayPal account. A mission can be remunerated up to 10 euros (more generally between 2 € and 6 €). Transfers are made after having accumulated around €5 (depending on the country of residence). The missions are detected thanks to the GPS system of your mobile device in order to offer you the missions closest to you.

With discretion, a certain sense of observation and concentration while reading the instructions, you can find your place as a mystery shopper on BeMyEye.

7. Octopus

Poulpeo, like any other cashback application, allows you to collect money by making purchases on the internet. By going through the app, you earn a percentage of the purchase you have made on one of the many partner online stores. It can go up to 40%.

Whether it is to buy clothes, subscribe to a subscription, buy household appliances or even book trips or activities, this application can save you money on a daily basis. The app also offers promotional codes. Thanks to the sponsorship system, you have the possibility of earning 10% of the earnings of your referrals and 15% with Poulpeo +. During registration, 3 euros are paid into your kitty (5 euros if you have a sponsor). What a good start!

8. Shopmium

Shopmium offers you discount coupons for your in-store, drive-thru, delivery or online shopping, valid in the stores indicated. To benefit from it, simply buy your products, then take a photo of your proof of purchase (receipt and product barcode) in order to receive your refund directly to your bank account or to your paypal account. This solidarity application also makes it possible to make a donation to the association “Petits Frères des Pauvres”.

A welcome offer allows you to benefit from a fully reimbursed product among the 3 that are offered and sponsorship allows you to receive 3 euros per referral. Shopmium also has a loyalty program that unlocks many benefits. This application is therefore an easy way to get money, as long as you keep your receipt !

9. Feature Points

Earning money with FeaturePoints couldn’t be easier, since all you have to do is download other more or less well-known applications and test them for at least 2 minutes. Once this is done, you earn points convertible into euros, gift cards or even bitcoins.

The application expands its possibilities by also providing surveys, missions, a sponsorship system and a cashback system. FeaturePoints, which is in English, allows you to accumulate points quickly since downloading an app can earn you up to 5,000 points (600 points correspond to 1 dollar).


If you like to walk, Weward is the application for you, since it allows you to earn money by validating your steps daily. Indeed, you receive wards at each level validation: 1 ward for 1,500 steps taken, 3 wards for 3,000 steps… up to 25 wards for the maximum level of 20,000 steps (1,000 wards correspond to 7 euros). The more you walk during the day, the more wards and therefore money you earn. However, it takes a little time to get an interesting kitty, but if you explore the application, you will realize that it has many fun ways to accumulate wards.

Indeed, you can go to certain places indicated to collect additional wards, answer surveys, play games, complete challenges (walk 150,000 steps in 1 week for example), sponsor your friends or buy on the sites Weward partners. By combining all these features, your kitty can quickly increase. The latter is convertible into money, donations, coupons or trips for very large pots.

11. Foap

Foap allows you to earn money in a challenging way. What you certainly do not know is that your photos can be useful to certain companies in the world, as long as they are well framed and of satisfactory quality. It is with this in mind that Foap, an English-speaking application, offers you to sell your photos, whether you are professional or not.

A rather easy way to earn money, because without really realizing it, we all take a lot of photos on a daily basis. The app also offers challenges launched by brands, which consist of taking a photo that matches the theme put forward. One or more winners are then chosen. You can get anywhere from around $5 to $500 per photo (after Foap takes the 50% commission). Premium challenges can even earn you up to $2,000! If you are a photography enthusiast, this is the opportunity to get started.

12. Momox

The Momox app (on Google Play or the App Store ) allows individuals to sell their books, vinyls, video games, etc. It’s the site itself that buys your goods from you, so you won’t need to look for customers. The more your product is in demand, the higher the redemption price will be. Please note that your items must be in good condition, as Momox may refuse them to you.

In order to be able to sell your items, you will need to scan the barcode that is usually found behind your books, vinyls, etc. Then Momox will offer you a price, you can accept or decline the offer. Then once you have done this with all your items, go to your “sales cart” and click on “make your sales”. Finally, a delivery note will be printed (free if you have reached €10), you will only have to send the order to Momox. When they arrive, your items are checked and your money will be sent to your bank account. The application is available in France, Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom.

13. Wowapp

Wowapp is an instant messaging application that allows you to send messages, photos, videos and files worldwide for free. It is only thanks to your exchanges with your relatives that you earn “WowCoins”. You can also complete missions which are also paid. You can request your winnings by prepaid credit card, PayPal transfer or bank transfer.

This app is available worldwide, you just need to download the app and sign up for it. Everything is free.

14. Google opinion rewards

To get Google rewards (games and applications on the Google play store, books, movies, etc.), you can download the Google opinion rewards application (also available on the App Store ). It consists of answering questionnaires sent by Google to improve their services.

It is free to download and you must first register. Then, you will answer a questionnaire to determine your profile. You will receive questionnaires that correspond to you.

15. Streetbees

Streetbees (on Google Play or the App Store ) is a paid survey application, but this time, you can get your earnings directly, by PayPal transfer, at the end of the survey. You don’t need to reach a certain amount, that’s what makes this app special.

In order to start taking surveys, you will need to download the app. Then, you will have to create a free account and then complete your profile by answering the mini-questionnaires.

16. Roamler

Several missions are offered to you in the Roamler application in order to earn money. For example, your mission will be to provide some information on products in a store, share tips with the Roamler community, etc. You will find missions that you can perform from home, in a store or outside.

This application is free to download and each mission will be paid between €2 and €10. In addition, your missions can be validated in less than 4 hours: you can request the transfer of your earnings immediately either to your bank account or by PayPal transfer.

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