These hairstyles make you look younger

Many women only want one thing from the hairdresser: a haircut that will promptly make them a few years younger. We show you the best hairstyles and hairstyles that will make you look younger.

Every woman feels flattered when she is younger. Best of all, with a good haircut, you can trick and easily achieve the “disciple-look” effect. Because there are hairstyles that make you look younger.

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Using the example of the stars, we will show you which hairstyles you can make younger. A few waves, a little shorter or a new hair color. With small tricks you achieve a great effect. Take a look at the hairstyles of Lily Collins, Karlie Kloss, Jennifer Lawrence and Julia Engel and be inspired! And beware of these hairstyles that make you look older!

Great look, Lily Collins!“A long braid divided into a few braids and pinned at the bottom: finished is a red-carpet hairstyle that makes you fresh.”
Especially in combination with the light pink lipstick.
Great look, Lily Collins!

Bob here in the picture Gigi HadidAdmittedly, the (fake) Bob here in the picture Gigi Hadid had grown only for a single evening.
Fake Bob or not: The shorter hair length takes the serious Gigi and makes them automatically wilder and fresher.

Alexa Chung also wears a bobAlexa Chung also wears a bob, but with magic pony smoothes it out for another 3 years.

model Josephine SkriverAt the age of 22, model Josephine Skriver does not have to get a haircut that will make her younger.
But the wave look perfectly caresses her face and will surely find many imitators.

Elsa Hosk wears her hair mostly smooth.Elsa Hosk wears her hair mostly smooth.
A good decision, because a great puffed sleek look creates silhouette and emphasizes her youthful face.
How convenient that the blond mane fits perfectly with her blue eyes.

Karlie Kloss is one of the most sought-after top models. Karlie Kloss is one of the most sought-after top models.
Maybe because she still looks a few years younger than she is, thanks to her shoulder-length hair.
The light waves at shoulder level give mobility, which adds dynamism to the look.
The gentle caramel tone is altogether fresher than an intense dark brown.
Remember: waves are working!

Jennifer Lawrence is the star of the movie screenJennifer Lawrence is the star of the movie screen, her blonde and very natural Bob the star among the hairstyles.
Here, too, light waves bring a movement into the cut, which makes it playful and younger.

Julia Engel is one of the most sought after fashion bloggers.Julia Engel is one of the most sought after fashion bloggers.
Maybe because her hair has a perfect cut.
Long, natural and in a gentle ombré look, they are almost certainly one of their success secrets.

Taylor SwiftWhile Taylor Swift’s classic long-bob needs to be well-styled, it’ll catch everyone’s attention.
And this picture proves: Even a side pony is an anti-aging look!

"Banana Bun"Although we have not (yet) spotted the “Banana Bun” on the stars, but on the streets of Fashion Week

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