Where to go on vacation with friends? For a girls’ trip, there’s nothing like safe, festive or, on the contrary, relaxing destinations. A tour of the best weekend ideas with friends or destinations for a girls’ vacation!

With your best group of friends, you have decided to go on a girls’ vacation this summer. After yet another puzzle to find the date, you only have one step left. And not least, since you will have to find a destination that appeals to everyone. And there is no shortage of answers to this little game! 

Lucie wants to go to the sea. Camille wants to go to the mountains. One wants to chill all day by the sea while the other wants to go hiking. And you, well you are lost between all these proposals. To avoid headaches and please everyone, here is our selection of inexpensive vacation destinations that are perfect for a group of girls!

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Festive vacation ideas for girls

For a girlfriend’s vacation, there are several opportunities. Either a festive vacation, a relaxing weekend, or a cultural trip. And you can also combine these 3 elements! In short, you can go party, visit monuments, discover a new culture and enjoy good spas or days sunbathing on a beach. In any case, the most important thing is to choose your destination carefully. For a festive holiday, you’ve come to the right place.

Friends, great music, rosé but above all the world at your feet! This is exactly how you envision your vacation and between us, you are absolutely right. What more? A heavenly destination perhaps? Rest assured, all these places are generally magnificent. Above all, we want to discover them with our friends, and enjoy with them their good addresses such as bars to go out until the end of the night, restaurants perfect for tasting all the local specialties, etc. 

Valencia, for example, is a city that offers a striking contrast between historic center and ultra-modern neighborhoods. This Spanish city is a perfect option for partying on vacation without stress and without the crazy hustle and bustle that reigns in Barcelona. And for those who want to relax on the beach, it’s possible!

In another style, the city of Budapest is perfect for partying with girls, while discovering the culture of the beautiful country of Hungary. We take advantage of the city’s mix of genres, the many clubs and we party until late with the girls!

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Sports travel destinations with friends 

For you, there is no question of playing pancakes on the beach all day long. During your vacation, you are always the one up for a game of snowshoeing, a deep dive or a sporty hike. How we understand you! For you, we have selected the most beautiful hiking trails we know. Varied landscapes, in the heart of nature: a change of scenery guaranteed. 

What if you went on a road trip, off the beaten track? Scotland seems like an ideal destination for this. Such a beautiful country. Raw, generous, sometimes capricious… Scotland leaves no one indifferent. Ideal for discovering breathtaking landscapes and taking a breath of fresh air (good, and sometimes rain too). The perfect time to do a digital detox!

A cheap destination, the Canaries are a perfect compromise between beach and mountains. Bonus: the landscapes are extremely diverse. If you want to escape the crowds (and civilization) for a few hours, mountain hikes are breathtaking: steep, green mountains… It’s the absolute dream! We particularly advise you to go walking in Tenerife, where the eternal snow reigns supreme. The perfect place for a girls trip

Relaxing weekend with girls: where to go? 

Fun and relaxation between girls, a certain definition of happiness and perfection. Where to go to relax on vacation? It’s damn hard to choose a favorite destination among the islands of the Saronic Gulf. We will therefore tell you about Aegina, while being heartbroken at not being able to focus on each of them! Aegina is a place that gives pride of place to relaxation and pleasure. This small town is the ideal combination of tourism and relaxation, on the water’s edge next to the fishermen’s port.

Between them, a real point in common: the call to relax. Bonus? We eat really well there. And that is an important point. Without going very far either, you can also enjoy the beautiful beaches of Corsica, which is surely among the most beautiful beaches in France. We stop off in Calvi or Ajaccio and also enjoy the local specialties.  And you, what will be your summer destination? Here’s some inspiration for finding where to go on vacation with your best friend.

1. Girls’ vacation: festive in Valencia, Spain

2. Weekend destination with friends: relaxation in Calvi, Corsica

3. Holidays with friends: cocooning in Egenie, Greece

4. Girls’ travel destination: sports in Cairngorms Park, Scotland

5.​​ Girls’ Vacation: Cultural in Budapest, Hungary

6. Destination for girls: a change of scenery in Tenerife on the Canary Island, in Spain

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