Do you know exactly what your primary objective is? Do you know with conviction what you want to conquer? If you aspire to succeed, you must set goals.

Without setting goals, you will lack focus and guidance. Setting objectives empowers you to take the reins of where you want to go in life, it also provides you with a means of reference to see if you are really moving towards success.

However, to conquer your goals, you need to understand how to figure them out. Just mentioning “I want” and sit back and wait for it to happen without doing anything to get what you want, it won’t work.

Goal setting is a procedure that begins with careful attention to what you want to achieve and concludes with a lot of rigorous work to achieve it. In the center, there are several specific steps that capture the specific and precise details of each objective. Learning these steps will allow you to set goals that you can achieve.

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I present the 5 key rules to set goals:

1- Set motivational objectives

When you set goals, it is essential that you are motivated: this means that they are surely meaningful to you and that there is value to achieve them. If you are not interested in the results, or you don’t care, then the chances of you doing the work to make it happen are remote. To conquer objectives the key point is to be motivated.

Achieving the objective must involve committing yourself, so to maximize the chances of success, you need to feel a sense of urgency and have the attitude of “I have to do it if or if”. When you don’t have this, you run the risk of postponing what you have to do to make the goal come true. This in turn leaves you disappointed and frustrated with yourself and this has a demotivating effect.

To ensure that your goal is motivating, write, affirming the reason why your goal is transcendental and valuable to you. Ask yourself this question: “If I had to communicate my objective to others, what would I say to persuade them that my goals are worth conquering?” Use this statement of motivational value to help you if doubt, insecurity in yourself or you lose confidence in your ability to truly achieve the goal.

2- Set objectives using the SMART (smart) method

For a goal to be powerful, you must use the SMART method, which stands for smart. This implies that the objectives must be:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Limited in Time (Time Bound)

Set specific objectives

Your goal must be very explicit and determined. The general objectives are unusable because they do not convey an effective direction. Keep in mind that you need goals that indicate the route. Let it make it easier for you to get where you want to go by specifying exactly where you want to end.

Set measurable objectives

Put exact dates and amounts on your goals so you can measure your level of success. If your goal is simply detailed as “To have more money”, how will you find out when your work resulted in success? If within three months you have a profit of $ 50 per month? If you have a profit of $ 500 per month within 1 year? Without a way to measure your success, you lose the happiness that means knowing that you have truly accomplished something.

Set achievable goals

Make sure that you will be able to achieve the goals you have set. If you set goals that you do not have the slightest intention of conquering, you will end up discouraged and deteriorate your confidence in yourself. At the same time, avoid the urge to set goals that are extremely easy.

When you conquer an objective for which you do not need to strive, you will not perceive it as an achievement, otherwise it may cause you to be afraid of setting future goals that involve taking a risk of not achieving it. By setting reasonable goals that involve a challenge, you will achieve the balance you need. This is the type of objectives that you “raise the standard” and provide you with the greatest personal satisfaction.

Set relevant objectives

The objectives need to be relevant to the direction you want your career and life to take. By keeping the goals coordinated with this, you will develop the approach you need to progress and do what you want. If you set considerably scattered and changing goals, you will waste your time and your life.

Set goals with deadline

Your goals need to have a deadline with a defined deadline. This means that you will know when you can sing victory. When you work with a deadline, your sense of urgency increases therefore the achievement comes much faster.

3- Set your goals by writing them

Writing a goal makes it much more realistic and palpable. There is no excuse to ignore it. When writing, use the words “I will” instead of “I’d like to do it.” For example, “I’m going to make money online this year,” don’t say “I’d like to make money online this year.” The manifestation of the first objective is powerful and you can “imagine” that you are making money, the second one lacks enthusiasm and gives you a pretext if you derail.


  • If you use a list of things to do, put your goal first.
  • Distribute your goal by placing a note in places that the note is seen to remind you on a daily basis of what you aspire to achieve. Place them on your desk, walls, computer screen, in your refrigerator, mirror of your dresser, so you will have a persistent reminder.
  • Prepare an action plan.

Rule four, which is so important, is often omitted in the process of setting goals. The person channels too much into the results that the planning of the steps to take is overlooked. When writing the specific steps, and then crossing them one by one as you complete them, feel if you are moving towards the final stage of your goal. This is primarily paramount if your goal is long term, large and demanding.

5- Persist and conquer your goal!

Keep in mind that setting goals is a constant activity, it is not just a means to a purpose. Add reminders to keep up to date and institute time intervals frequently to reexamine your goals and advance. Your final address may continue to be very similar in the long term, but the plan of action set in the path may change severely. Always make sure that value, relevance and need remain high.


Setting goals is much more than simply stating that you want something to happen. Unless you clearly define exactly what you want and understand why you want it, your chances of success diminish greatly. By following these five key rules, you can set goals with confidence and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with knowing that you accomplished what you set out to do.

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