With the rise of new technologies and thanks to the internet, it is increasingly easier to work from home. What are the most promising professions for working from home in 2024? With WeeklyWoo, you will finally find out.

By reading the list of the best jobs below, you will see that many serious positions are compatible with teleworking: everyone is free to choose their path according to their abilities and aspirations. So, more and more people are taking the plunge and developing a business from home. So, why not take your turn?

There are plenty of possibilities available to you. You can choose to become:

Editor, translator, secretary, data entry operator or writer

For people comfortable with speaking and writing, bilinguals and all those who know how to use both their pen and computer tools, several jobs are possible at home: writing texts for the webtranslate it, make transcriptions or even rewrite it. This generally requires knowledge in the field, but beginner level may be acceptable in certain contexts.

On networking platforms, the level of quality of the writing is the main criterion giving right to better remuneration. Editors and translators are categorized according to the level of quality expected by clients.

Otherwise, the job of home secretary is also very popular: it involves writing (letters, this time), but also editing invoices or making calls.

Sometimes individuals may want help correctly preparing important documents or letters. But it is mainly companies that need this type of service. Some of them are based abroad and are looking for texts to be written in impeccable English.

Data entry operators are called upon for tasks that are often simple but repetitive. A great capacity for adaptation is necessary for this job, paid according to the volume of entries to be honored as well as compliance with delivery deadlines.

We rarely think about it, but the profession of writer is ideal for working from home, as long as you have something to write with. What better source of inspiration than your daily life? So, if you have a fertile imagination, and you use words with finesse, why not give it a try? Plus, with Amazon Kindle, anyone can get started easily.

Blogger or website designer

It is possible to work seriously on the internet in many ways. With the development of the web and social networks, blogging is, for example, an increasingly widespread activity. Some people even manage to make significant profits from it. This activity is somewhat similar to that of a web editor, except that you write on your blog, on subjects that you choose, depending on the general theme of your blog. You must have some writing skills, and be able to interest your readers. In addition, you will need to update your blog very regularly if you want to keep your readers.

To go beyond a simple blog by creating your own website with specific functionalities, all you need is a computer and access to the Internet. If you have a good project idea and have solid IT knowledge (web development, graphics, etc.), you may be able to consider this professional activity.


Just like the blogging business, creating a channel on YouTube is booming. Many people have tried it, with varying degrees of success. In fact, some have become real web stars and earn a lot of money, while many others do not earn a single cent.

If you are comfortable in front of the cameras, and think you can build the loyalty of a large audience, why not give it a try?

Independent teleprospector or telemarketer

Does earning a living from just a phone sound like something to you? Teleprospecting at home represents a real solution currently. It is accessible to many of us since this freelance job even adapts to your schedule.

The role of the teleprospector is easy to understand: he must call prospects and other contacts from a given list, in order to obtain sales meetings.

In the same vein, with a few nuances, the telemarketer must succeed in selling what is asked of him, and this directly by telephone. Reaching the minimum wage is easily possible. Going well beyond is obviously still possible depending on your sales prowess.

Maternal assistant or family assistant

The job of childminder responds to a real demand: there are not enough places in crèches for all parents to be able to look after their children. This is an authentic profession, for which you must have approval. However, the employee works from home and does not need to take their car every morning to go to the office.

As for the job of family assistant, this involves welcoming children/teenagers for the more or less long term. Concretely, you become what is commonly called a host family. The commitment to this path is therefore important, as is the responsibility of looking after children who must be raised, but you can be paid more than 2000 euros per month by looking after several children at the same time. Added to this are allowances for food costs, accommodation, leisure activities, etc.

Makeup artist, nail technician or hairdresser

You can without any problem practice an aesthetic profession at home. Naturally, you will have to plan for significant investments initially, to obtain all the necessary equipment and arrange the premises. For example, you can become a nail technician and beautify your clients’ hands without traveling, with professional equipment.

This same option is possible for hairdressers and aesthetic specialists such as makeup artists. Here, it is imperative to build a reputation for the activity to be truly lucrative: rely on your network, your knowledge in a close geographic area, but also on social networks. If you produce quality work, your clients will come back and recommend you, and you will enter a virtuous cycle.

Coach, sophrologist, teacher or trainer

If you have knowledge to pass on, you can give lessons at home, for children who are encountering difficulties (academic support) or adults who wish to train ( computer lessons for seniors for example). In addition, you can receive your clients in a more global support approach, in order to “coach” them: this practice is common in the world of sport. At home, you install the necessary equipment for the training sessions, then you advise your interlocutors when it is time to begin the exercises.

At the same time, you can also focus your profession on personal development and well-being, through sophrology, yoga or even meditation sessions. The possibilities are legion in 2024. The choice between one or the other of these alternatives depends on the skills and specialties of each person!

If teaching appeals to you personally, go for it because with the multitude of technical solutions available, creating online training is disconcertingly easy these days. To do this, simply watch explanatory videos on YouTube for free, by performing a search like this.

You won’t necessarily get rich initially, but getting a lot of money this way isn’t just a fantasy. To see this, just look at the number of participants on certain popular videos on the online course platform Udemy.

Professional punter or gambler

If you have an adventurous soul and are passionate about gaming, know that this natural taste for poker or even sports betting can become your profession. Indeed, some professional bettors earn their living this way. This is a very small portion of the player population, so you have to stand out to occupy this position.

In the field of poker, by accumulating victories, you can also make a living from your passion. Here again, we oscillate between dream and reality, because the chances of achieving it are low, but not non-existent (some players, true kings of bluffing, win a lot of money).

Pet groomer, trainer or babysitter

People who are particularly comfortable with animals can accommodate them in their home, for babysitting or for more targeted services. Concretely, if we can of course look after the animals of families who go on vacation, we can also offer grooming services, or even education, to help individuals who are unable to tame their pet.

Do you like dogs? Start training as a dog behaviorist. Indeed, many people experience difficulties in training their dogs, and need advice. So, after an initial observation, most often at home, you will be able to guide the owner and help them live their daily life better with their dog.

Cook or pastry chef

If you have culinary talents, or even a CAP in this field, but you want to carry out your activity at home, or behind the stoves of your customers, you can consider cooking delicious dishes for others.

For cooking or baking, many people are looking for professional or amateur cooks. Whether it’s cooking at home or giving cooking classes, there’s no shortage of requests. Indeed, the sector is booming, thanks to the broadcast of culinary shows on television channels. The same goes for pastry. More and more people are eager to know how to cook for themselves.

The first difficulty in this type of activity is being able to make yourself known: word of mouth being what works best.

Seamstress or ironer

Sewing at home is a good idea, but it requires you to know how to sew perfectly. Except for professional, recognized and established seamstresses and tailors, this practice serves home seamstresses to supplement their income. Because unfortunately, customers, preferring to buy new, often refuse to spend large sums of money to repair a garment.

Isn’t sewing your strong point or doesn’t really interest you? Still around clothes, ironing can bring in tidy sums by gradually gaining the loyalty of new customers. This work requires less know-how than sewing. To get started, post classified ads on Le Bon Coin to find interested people near you. You will probably be surprised by the number of people who need this type of service.


Photography is an activity that can be perfectly done from home, as long as you have a minimum of equipment. There are many platforms on the internet to sell your photos or videos. Even if a certain level of quality is required, you don’t need to be a professional to benefit from it: anyone can submit their photos and start earning money.

>> You can find here how to sell photos online and earn money.

Stock market trader at home

The image of the trader is often represented by a wealthy man in a suit and tie. However, the reality is far from this prejudice, because anyone can claim to be a stock market trader from home. On the other hand, we are talking here about betting your savings; be very careful: the risks of becoming poor by losing more than the amounts earned are very real with this particular job, subject to variations in the global economy.

No diploma is necessary. But before starting as a trader, it is essential to understand the mechanisms of stock market investment. In this sense, online trading platforms provide practical courses to acquire basic knowledge.

Graphic designer, web designer or infographic designer

Are you good at drawing and using a computer doesn’t scare you in the least? Consider becoming a graphic designer or web designer to put your talent to use. If your graphic style is to please, you should know that companies in all sectors and of all sizes are ready to pay a lot in exchange for a quality artistic contribution, which is essential for them to sell well. Indeed, their brand images, and therefore their notoriety ultimately, depend largely on it.

Mastery of editing software such as Photoshop or Illustrator (Adobe) is required for these serious jobs. Don’t worry, learning to use it like a professional is not mission impossible. Participation as a freelance graphic designer can concern all existing visuals and illustrations: flyers, posters, logos, covers, or even advertising materials…

The salary will be proportional to the number of clients. By building their loyalty little by little, it can progress and be substantial: graphic work used commercially and on a large scale generally deserves a good financial return.

Craftsman, painter, designer or DIY creator

Do you like making things with your hands, and your friends rave about your creations? Why not sell your creations to earn money online, directly from your living room? Find ad sites, and put your items for sale online, or directly on your website.

Creating jewelry can, for example, bear fruit if your creations are popular. When success due to your artistic fiber is achieved, profitability even reaches unexpected amounts thanks to the word-of-mouth potential that follows the first sales.

In painting and drawing, there are many followers, but few chosen ones. Even if it is rare to be able to make a living from this activity, it is sometimes possible to make a good additional income from it. So whatever creative talent you possess, take a chance and consider making it profitable.

VDI (independent home seller)

Surely one of the oldest home-based jobs, it is also one of the safest and most scalable.

A large number of people make it their real job, with a real salary to boot. VDI activity gives you the opportunity to choose a sector that fascinates you. Everything, or almost everything, is available in VDI: gastronomy, wines and spirits, games, ready-to-wear, decoration, lingerie and even sex toys… you are spoiled for choice!

You create your schedule according to your constraints and your motivation. Are you your own boss. However, although considered a home-based activity, you must mainly travel to the homes of your hosts and clients to organize your sales meetings. A small constraint certainly, but which also has the good side of making you have good times, in joy and good humor, while working.

Home help

Are you looking for a truly useful job, and enjoy helping others? If this is the case, that is good: many activities exist in this direction.

Becoming a social care assistant (AVS) is the assurance of quickly finding “humane” work. The average age of the English population is increasing, so the need for one-off or permanent assistance is significant. All everyday tasks may require the services of a caregiver: meals, shopping, housework, etc.

Employers can be individuals directly, or approved structures.

Caring for an elderly, dependent or disabled person at home or in their home is not always easy. On the other hand, the salary awarded in exchange for your personal investment, as well as the resulting financial compensation, are often attractive.


The term “concierge” is historically linked to the person whose job is to take care of real estate (building or hotel). This involves maintenance, upkeep, monitoring, or satisfaction of occupants/customers. This activity can take place at home, in your residential residence.

In 2024, concierge service will take several other forms, in business, but also in the private sphere. A true personal life assistant, the objective of the concierge for individuals is to respond to the growing demand for services from people who are too busy with their work: doing their shopping, finding a competent professional (e.g. an emergency plumber), etc.

Can you imagine becoming a janitor? You must be a trustworthy person, always ready to meet the varied expectations of your customers.


You don’t always need to work in an accounting firm when you have the necessary qualifications. Indeed, many accountants work for themselves, directly from their home.

So, if you like numbers, start accounting training and offer your services from home. Please note, however, that this is a profession regulated by an order: an accountant who is not a chartered accountant is not authorized to become self-employed.

Community manager or web marketing practitioner

Today, practically the entire English population connects to the internet daily. Almost all professional activities therefore benefit from having a visible presence on the web. This is why the job of community manager has become essential to effectively build a community of prospects/customers on social networks such as FacebookInstagram, or even Twitter.

The task of the community manager is to actively communicate on social networks to develop the notoriety of a brand. The results of such an action are essential for the company which will be able to derive significant benefits: the loyalty of established customers and the boost in sales in particular (online or in store).

A plethora of well-paid positions are currently available, including some working remotely. In addition, there are short community manager training courses to get you started quickly.

Generally speaking, the web marketing sector is buoyant. As it is very large, you will certainly be able to find your place there by working at home as a public relations manager, SEO referencer, traffic manager, etc.

Best Remote jobs

Web/mobile/software developer

Becoming a home developer involves a series of steps you need to take to learn the necessary skills and find clients or a job that allows you to work from home. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  • Acquire the necessary skills: web, mobile or software development requires in-depth knowledge of programming languages. Common languages ​​to learn for web development include: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Java, PHP, among others. For software or mobile app development, you will need to become familiar with languages ​​like Java, Swift for iOS, or Kotlin for Android.
  • Online platforms such as Udemy offer free or low-cost programming courses.
  • Build a portfolio: As a developer, your portfolio is one of the best ways to demonstrate your skills. Start by working on personal projects or volunteering for nonprofit organizations that need development help. Add these projects to your online portfolio to show them to future employers or clients.
  • Promote yourself and network: Make sure you promote your skills and experience online, whether on LinkedIn, GitHub, or through a personal website. Perhaps attend industry events to meet other professionals.
  • Look for remote work opportunities: Once you’ve learned the necessary skills and built a strong portfolio, you can start looking for work-from-home job opportunities. Platforms like Upwork or Fiverr offer well-paid projects for independent workers, or you can look for full-time telecommuting positions on job boards.
  • Continue to learn: Technology is changing rapidly, and to stay competitive, you will need to continue to learn and adapt to new technologies and various programming languages.

It will take patience, time, and practice to become a competent computer developer. Start with small projects and gradually increase complexity as you improve your skills.


Are you a good handyman and proud of it? On jobbing sites, offer your help to repair all kinds of everyday objects. It is true that many people still prefer to throw things away rather than have them repaired, especially among younger people. Conversely, there is currently a real desire to limit our ecological impact which pushes people to try to repair things before considering other, more radical solutions.

Enveloping at home

Enveloping, also called direct mail, consists of putting letters or samples in envelopes, franking and possibly sorting. So, a simple home job at this point, it must be admitted, is rather coveted. Real opportunities for inserting envelopes are rare and, in all honesty, you should not consider making a fortune with this activity.

Carry out easy and paid missions on the web

On the internet, there are different ways to earn money without really feeling like you are working. For example, by becoming a panelist, you respond as regularly as possible to paid surveys. The rewards are not always financial: it is not uncommon for sites to operate with a points system that can be transformed into gifts.

Other sites offer remuneration by carrying out different missions: reading emails, consulting sites, etc. Once again, this type of activity does not allow you to create a real source of income, but rather to have something to treat yourself a little more at the end of the month

Perhaps you have spotted your future profession in this list? If so, we wish you every success in your new job.

Finally, whether it’s taking on a new profession and earning a living from home or offering yourself additional income/gifts, the Internet is full of possibilities. You don’t know where to start and doubt yourself? This is completely normal. Take the time to read our advice to see things more clearly. You will see that anyone with a minimum level of motivation can achieve this in 2024.

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