If you’re having an “off” day, and you don’t know how to get rid of the blues that have stuck with you since waking up, here are 10 easy ideas to bounce back and make your day positive!

There are days like this: you pulled too hard the day before, binged too many episodes of your favorite series, or you have trouble coping with the argument with your friend… No energy, low morale, you don’t see how to start this day? Here are 10 tested and approved tips that will give you strength and good vibes to shift into a better mood! You can easily boost your morale by applying these simple actions suggested by a Poosh media journalist:

Go for a walk

Walking can solve many problems: when you’re feeling down, going for a walk can be lifesaving: the fresh air, the movement, and the wandering of your mind outside the four walls that weigh you down can be enough to get you back into it. a positive mood!

Watch kitten videos or memes as much as you want

The prescription is clear: kittens and memes as much as you want! scroll until the smile returns to your face. If you’re more into videos of kittens or dancing children, you’ll find as many as you want. If you can’t resist memes, you will find many of them on networks like on the Dude with Sign account.

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Write your thoughts

Whether you have a diary or not, writing down your negative thoughts or doubts allows you to free yourself but also to identify the reasons for your bad mood. Psychologists often recommend daily writing in their patients’ journey through therapy: it’s a quick and easy exercise to reconnect with yourself and sort through your ideas. Start by writing down five things you love about yourself, then write down five things you are grateful for in your life, then write down five good things that happened in the last 24 hours, including your steaming morning cup of coffee, and finally, write down five things you’re looking forward to! You will come out in a better mood!

Call a friend

When we feel in a gloomy mood, we may not dare to call our loved ones. However, it is an essential pillar to get better: Calling a friend is an essential resource in the event of low morale! Glean compliments and good vibes galore. Also, the simple act of discussing allows you to defocus and leave certain issues aside.


To get rid of a bad mood, there’s nothing better than taking a quiet moment to press reset and reset your thoughts. It only takes a few minutes of mindful breathing to gain new perspectives and shift into a positive mood.

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Simply put on your favorite music and dance for three minutes to regain energy and good humor. test! Dancing provides an immediate effect, reboosts your body and your mood and will put you back into a positive day!

Take a bath

Surrender to a nice warm bath with candles and relaxing oils. Create a cocoon of relaxation that will help you return to a positive mood.

Make plans

To boost your morale, there’s nothing like imagining a new project, in the short or medium term: plan an outing that will do you good, whether it’s a good restaurant with friends or the next vacation. Go to your Pinterest account to create new boards and grow the list of your desires.

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Try visualization

Close your eyes and imagine yourself living your perfect day. Admire every detail, every smell, every feeling. Experience the day from start to finish. Visualization allows you to escape and find a serene mood in a few moments.

Prepare a Banana Bread!

This of course also applies to a chocolate fondant or an apple pie: cooking is excellent for morale and by choosing a feel good recipe you would be armed to switch to the side of good humor.

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