“I won’t wear a stole / cuff bracelets / frilled collar / floral print because I know I won’t wear it properly and I won’t feel comfortable in my outfit. I’ll look stupid! » “I won’t wear midi skirts / cardigans / wide pants…. because I will look ridiculous! » You’ve already said this kind of thing to yourself, haven’t you?

Why does the fear of making a mistake or feeling ridiculous prevent us from trying new things and evolving our clothing style? Have you ever wondered what would happen if you let go of this fear? Have you ever told yourself that by putting these worries aside you would give yourself the opportunity to evolve your personal clothing style and also allow yourself to grow at the same time?

The best ingredient to develop your clothing style is courage! Miss Grenade explains why you should be bold and brave when you have the opportunity to evolve your usual style. 

“The greatest failure is not having the courage to dare”

This quote should serve as a leitmotif and invite you to dare more. You must seize the opportunity to be wrong, to make a mistake. Without it, you don’t give yourself the chance to learn. It’s by trying that you learn and give yourself the opportunity to improve your personal style.

Art of Fearless Fashion

Our life is made up of experiences, good or bad. A child does not learn to walk without falling, without hurting himself. However, with each fall, he studies his faults, his errors. He corrects his balance problem until he manages to have a sufficiently perfect gait to begin the rest of the program: learning to run. Have you ever made a mistake that taught you a lesson in your life? You have, without a doubt, been confronted with a complicated equation in mathematics class or a syntax problem at some point. And it is through many attempts that you managed to overcome the difficulties encountered, right? We learn by trying. And it takes courage to try.

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To be human is to be imperfect. And perfection is the tedium of action (and evolution). Worrying about putting on the wrong accessory (and preferring not to wear it) or wearing something that makes you feel ridiculous happens to everyone. However, how many times have you pointed and laughed at someone who made a style mistake? Don’t you remember? This is not surprising.

Are you too obsessed with your image?

It’s a fact, we are more obsessed with our image than with that of others. For example, do you remember the outfits worn during your last evening with friends? Could you easily specify the colors worn by your work colleagues? There are so many things that we focus our minds on that have no importance in the eyes of the people we are around. Why worry about making a mistake when trying something new? Have you ever been faced with the element of surprise when trying on a piece of clothing? If that’s the case, that’s a shame. There are lots of people who let themselves be surprised by trying on a skirt when they would never have dared before. And then, finally… “This skirt is nice!” I like it, it’s a change. “.

Trying new styles, new clothes, new cuts… offers some women real moments of joy. They discover a new style and are less cautious about the idea of ​​upsetting their preconceptions a little. Challenge yourself! You don’t have to buy new clothes and revamp your wardrobe. You simply need to create new associations with the pieces that make up your wardrobe, for example. Dare! Innovate! Sometimes you will have outfits that work wonderfully and sometimes you will not have the success you hoped for. However, your personal style will be more interesting, that’s for sure. Get out of your comfort zone!

It takes courage to be wrong

If you don’t try something new or a little different from your usual style, you will never discover those clothes that can work wonders on you. You will deprive yourself of these pleasant sensations felt by those who use their wardrobe to be a little different every day. And above all, you will deprive yourself of hearing compliments from those close to you. Yes, changing your style a little from time to time offers the possibility of hearing those close to us compliment us, gratify us… and that feels good!

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Not daring for fear of being ridiculous is the same as not daring to have a better clothing style. It’s time to think about why you don’t dare. This may also be an opportunity to find a way to confront change in a more secure way.

“A journey of a thousand kilometers always begins with a first step. »

This quote from Lao Tzu should motivate you to gently begin the process of changing towards your new personal style. If the idea of ​​changing your style, trying new clothes, new colors or new cuts terrifies you, proceed with caution. Make one small change every day. For some people completely changing their look can be physically and mentally difficult. But, by making a few daily changes, step by step, you will change very quickly.

Trying something new every day will make you feel more comfortable and give you the courage to continue down this path. Additionally, making small changes step by step will also allow you to see what works and what doesn’t. You will gradually discover the cuts adapted to your body shape, the shades that flatter your complexion, etc. See this as a natural evolution and not as an insurmountable challenge. Take it at your own pace, step by step. Like babies do when they try to take their first step.

What will you gain by showing boldness and sartorial courage?

By having the courage to try and possibly fail, you will learn and grow. Daring will allow you to find new pieces to highlight your style and your figure. You will no longer just put on clothes but will gradually get into the habit of showing off yourself. You’ll perfect your clothing style until it’s as personalized as it is cutting edge. Believe us, it’s life changing. By claiming your right to experiment, you will discover a limitless world and endless possibilities to dress yourself in elegant and stylish outfits. Dare!

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