Want to review all your decor without devouring all your savings? Here are 10 trendy ideas for decorating your interior by combining big ideas and low prices.

From the bathroom, to the kitchen, including smaller rooms such as hallways and entrances, decor is now everywhere in the house. Is your decorating budget doomed to explode? Not necessarily, say manufacturers and planning professionals. The proof with these 10 solutions that we don’t always think about, and which will allow you to add a quick and inexpensive touch of decoration to all spaces. Something to inspire you without measure.

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1. Repaint your furniture

Want to change the atmosphere in a bedroom, a kitchen or create an ultra-vibrant office area for teenagers? If you don’t have the budget to invest in new accessories, why not just repaint them? There are now many specialized paints for this type of operation. Ideal for matching your old bed to the new paint in your bedroom or completely transforming a kitchen… from the entrance to the garage everything can be painted! The only limit: your creativity (and your level of resourcefulness with brushes!)

2. Energize with a wall of color

To stay in the painting register, nothing is easier and less expensive than to energize a wall with a beautiful color. Repaint a splashback, a headboard, window frames, a fireplace mantel or any other architectural element of the house can quickly add a touch of fresh and contemporary decor. As long as you know how to combine colors and do careful work.

3. Opt for plants

For a Zen and natural decor at a low price, think about plants! Garden specialists also offer plants suitable for indoor use and associated decorative accessories. Pots, flowerpots, glass jars, hangers: there are many possibilities to really showcase your plants in your interior. A particularly inexpensive decor idea to use in all rooms, from the living room to the bathroom!

4. Change blinds and curtains

Changing your window coverings is a good way to quickly transform the atmosphere of a room. Changing old curtains for designer blinds in a bedroom or living room can sometimes be enough to give a touch of modernity to your interior for a reasonable budget. Especially since the economical decorative aspect can be added to substantial savings on the energy bill. Well-protected glazing in winter and summer can help reduce your consumption!

5. Change your lighting fixtures

Nothing is more “has-been” than old-fashioned wall lights or uncovered light sources. To add a touch of contemporary decor, change your lighting! Lampshades, pendant lights, wall lights and even the bulbs themselves offer ever more designer solutions to delicately highlight your interior decoration. The trend of the moment to try: the copper effect to integrate for example into a designer kitchen or bathroom.

6. Change the sink in the bathroom

To easily and inexpensively revamp a bathroom, consider replacing your old sink or an older model with a designer countertop sink! Previously reserved for luxury bathrooms, there are now designer countertop sinks at attractive prices. A decorative idea that does not involve major work or large costs.

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7. Install trendy wallpaper

An economical alternative, installing wallpaper can be an interesting option for revisiting the decoration of your spaces. Manufacturers are offering more and more material effects and imitations of textures which can reduce the cost. Latest trend spotted: imitation cement tile wallpaper, a more economical option than authentic tiles, to be used in small decorative touches. Why not try?

8. Lay a trendy soft floor

Replacing a slightly dated floor covering can bring your interior design up to date in a flash. If you don’t have a high budget to install polished concrete or solid parquet flooring, opt for flexible floors! Resistant and easy to install, they now offer a whole range of imitation materials, from wood to concrete to cement tiles. All for a much lower budget, but without loss of style!

9. Focus on accessories

Focusing on accessories to highlight small jobs is the winning combination for successful interior decoration. Target a few essential elements: cushions, throws, vases, etc. and decline them in a style. The major decoration brands offer collections based on trendy themes: Scandinavian, jungle, girly, graphic… The decoration tip to remember: in a living room or living room, create a decorative composition (cushions, curtains, rugs, trinkets “for winter and another for summer. The best way not to get bored!

10. Boost a kitchen splashback

Quick and inexpensive tip to give your kitchen a facelift: install a designer and modern splashback. A small decorative improvement that is quick to implement and without revolutionizing everything in the kitchen. Many DIY stores offer mosaic models that are easy to install (for DIY enthusiasts) at reasonable prices. Why deprive yourself of it?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I transform the look of my bedroom or kitchen without buying new accessories?

Consider repainting your existing furniture. Specialized paints are available for this purpose, offering a cost-effective way to match your furniture with your desired color scheme.

How can I add a contemporary touch to my home without breaking the bank?

Repainting a specific architectural element, like a splashback or window frames, with a vibrant color can quickly refresh and modernize your space.

What’s a budget-friendly way to achieve a Zen and natural decor?

Integrate indoor plants with decorative accessories such as pots, flowerpots, and hangers. This inexpensive idea works well in all rooms, from the living room to the bathroom.

What’s a budget-friendly way to update my floor covering?

Opt for flexible floors that imitate materials like wood or concrete. They are resistant, easy to install, and can bring your interior design up to date without a high budget.

How can I give my kitchen a facelift without major renovations?

Install a modern splashback. Many DIY stores offer easy-to-install mosaic models at reasonable prices, providing a quick and inexpensive improvement to your kitchen.

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