Do you need to refocus on yourself and live in a space conducive to relaxation and calm? The cocooning style ticks all the boxes to make your life an exile of happiness. Our decorators give you their best advice on this trend invented in 1987, here’s how to adopt a cocooning living room decor, stock up on inspiration.

What is the cocooning lounge?

First of all, you need to know that cocooning is a real way of life. Besides the fact that it is a decor trend that has been booming for several years, it is also a universe to adopt in your daily life. The objective of this style is to place softness within its cocoon to feel good there. However, to adopt a cocooning living room decor, you must know these 5 mistakes to avoid!

A living room with comforting colors

A cocooning decor is above all a warm space, you must mix warm tones and cold tones to create a perfect atmosphere. The warm shades will bring their touch of conviviality and will create a perfect feeling of comfort in your interior. Therefore, to give character to your room, we advise you to choose your shades carefully, but also, which walls to paint.

Cold tones

Indeed, you can add light paints such as white, gray and beige to your cocooning living room. Symbols of clarity, these shades will diffuse light abundantly and soften the room. Cover your main wall with white paint to air out your room.

Warm tones

When it comes to warm colors, they are essential to provoke that feeling of relaxation and conviviality. Opt for brown and ocher shades for a guaranteed cocooning living room decor!

The choice of seats

What a moment of fulfillment to relax at home, in a gentle environment. After a long day, there is nothing better than relaxing in soft chairs. Indulge in a long nap by the fire, on a soft sofa or a timeless moment on a soft armchair. Here is our selection of seats:

A comfortable sofa

Nothing can match the curled sofa trend, it is perfect for bringing your interior to life. Its comforting texture will not leave you indifferent, try it and adopt it. Either you like light colors, and in this case, we advise you to choose a cozy cream sofa, or you want to bring more contrast to your room, and in this case, you will prefer a brown model. Moreover, you can opt for curtains with soft textiles, in the same color as your sofa, they will be perfect for perfecting your decor.

Soft armchairs

As for poufs, our decorators suggest you focus on armchairs with organic and enveloping curves. Indeed, they will tend to give you a feeling of security while plunging you into the heart of love. When it comes to materials, choose braided cotton and loops, they will keep you warm in winter and give your living room a welcoming look. Here are 2 seats that are part of our favorite selection.

Cocooning furniture

Now that we have looked at the essentials of a cocooning living room atmosphere, let’s move on to the furniture. With the principle of continuing to radiate heat in our haven of peace, we suggest that you choose furniture that will be both robust and warm. Our decorators reveal the must-haves to adopt.

The wooden coffee table

Wood is known for its durability, charm and trend, it is perfect for a welcoming living room. To break the raw side of natural materials, choose a table that mixes wood and metal, a safe bet. Regarding the shapes, you are quite free, although we advise you to opt for a circular model if you have a small space. Also, you can choose a long, rectangular model which will extend your room.

Small storage

There’s nothing worse than running out of space in your living room. Don’t worry, we help you optimize your space with baskets that are both aesthetic and practical. Trendy and designed, woven seagrass and metal trunks will be ideal for a more natural atmosphere. In fact, they will break up the very soft side of the room by bringing contrast and character.

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The final touch for a cocooning living room

Now for the final touch, the decorative accessories. This is the last stage of decoration, and at the same time one of the most crucial. For an elegant and warm interior, you must think about the objects, they will refine your decor. Here are the 4 essentials not to be missed!

Timeless throws

Be careful, you are going to fly over a landscape of softness, which says cocooning says plaid, it’s the essential accessory! Do we really need to explain why they are essential in this type of decor? In addition to dressing your seats, they bring you instant comfort. Imitation furs and wool-like textures will be welcome in your cozy nest, it will be very difficult for you to leave them, and we know why.

Warmth to your feet

What would a living room be without a sumptuous rug? It allows you to dress the room and frame it by adding a finished effect. For a very light and soft interior, we recommend the Berber pattern, for a little ethnic atmosphere. Here is our favorite model, a Berber rug in ecru cotton, perfect for a cozy living room.

Light sources

Finally, we will look at the lighting. You must suspect, the watchword from the start is warm, you will then need to integrate subdued lighting with yellow or orange bulbs. You can adopt several types of lamps, suspensions as main lights, a light garland with a dimmed bulb or even a floor lamp for convivial moments around the fireplace. In terms of materials, we recommend gold metal, black metal and wood. Finally, don’t hesitate to sprinkle small candles around the room, a light source of light, it’s their subdued effect and their sweet smells that we love above all else.

The cushions

No more neck pain after a nap on your sofa, opt for cushions with a touching design. Not only are these accessories essential for a comfortable living space, but they are also real decorative elements. Moreover, you can very well match your rug with your cushions for similar soft materials.

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