Why put garlic at the base of fruit trees? Discover the myriad of benefits this alliance presents and how to fully exploit its potential!

Why put garlic at the base of fruit trees?

In less than a month, spring will finally grace us with its long-awaited warmth and we are all delighted! This means that most of us are planning the garden, mainly wondering about companion plants and how to stimulate plant growth while providing the best possible environment for them. So… Where does garlic fit into all this? At its best, garlic is a great plant companion, especially for acid-loving plants, as its pH is around 5.3-6.3. So keep this in mind if you are looking for a companion plant. But now, we must also ask ourselves: can we plant garlic at the foot of fruit trees and above all: why? In reality, it is about improving the soil, their environment. What type of soil do you have? Is it well drained and is its pH neutral? If so, that’s good, there is no need to plant a lot of garlic next to fruit trees. On the other hand, if your soil is too alkaline, garlic will help lower the pH. But that’s not all. So let’s talk about all the benefits of this wonderful plant companionship between garlic and fruit trees.

Improves soil quality

As we mentioned above, garlic can change the pH of the soil. So be sure to always check the soil before planting what you want to plant, it is important not to disturb other companion plants. If your fruit tree of choice prefers more acidic soil, but the place where it is planted is very alkaline, planting garlic next to it will be one of the best solutions. To speed up the process, add coffee grounds, a little white vinegar or manure.

Garlic as a fungicide

Although it is not able to kill all existing fungi, garlic has been proven to be a natural fungicide, which is successful in killing or preventing them. The peels also contain an extract which makes their effect even more powerful. Planting it is therefore an excellent way to prevent fungal diseases in fruit trees and to fight against them in the event of a problem.

Natural insect repellent

Another reason garlic is a great companion plant for fruit trees is that it naturally repels pests that can cause infestations. This protects your fruits from unwanted pests and preserves their freshness and firmness until they are ready to be eaten!

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When and how to plant garlic at the foot of fruit trees?

When to plant garlic at the foot of fruit trees?

Although the best time to plant garlic is early to mid-fall, you can also plant it in spring. Just make sure it’s after the last frost.

How to plant it?

Proximity is important here. Do not plant garlic directly next to the roots of the fruit tree, as the two will compete for space in the soil and the garlic will not win. Plant it about a meter from its base.

You can grow garlic from seeds or cloves — both methods are quite easy.

First, work the soil, making it breathable and mobile so that air can pass through and water can drain away quickly.

If your soil is light, you can plant the pods deeper, which will result in larger harvests. But always be sure to plant them with the flat side down and both tips up.

Cover them with soil and water them deeply. That’s it! Planting garlic has never been easier! And as warmer weather finally arrives, you can expect rapid growth and healthy companion plants!

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