Many people live by the phrase “you are what you eat” and swear by it. Indeed, food plays an essential role in our health. And the older we get, the more prone we are to health problems and weight gain. Therefore, we must be careful not to consume certain foods in order to maintain a healthy weight and be healthy. But how do you know what foods to avoid after 50? Don’t worry, the WeeklyWoo team is back to help you with advice on foods to avoid after 50.

7 foods to avoid after 50

If you’ve always struggled to lose weight or get healthy, it’s time to take action. As we age, our bodies begin to function more slowly, which means we need to stop eating certain foods and drinking certain beverages to be healthy. If you’ve been used to eating unhealthy foods your whole life, I think it’s time to stop and think… Yes, for people with binge eating it can be more difficult, but ultimately, you need to know that food gives you energy and it can make or break you. So you have to watch what you eat and try to feed your body instead of feeding your stress and anxiety.

Fried foods: fries, nachos, chicken, etc.

Fried foods including fries, chicken, fish, chips, tacos and many others are to be avoided! Yes, the “Crac!” Satisfying after a bite of fries or fried chicken is quite magical. On the other hand… These foods can cause heart disease as well as diabetes. And that’s not all: it makes the pounds go up in one go! So the next time you crave KFC, think a little, drink some water, take a deep breath, and prepare a home-cooked meal that consists of vegetables and meat instead.

Sweets are to be avoided!

Yes, we each have a penchant for chocolates, cheesecakes, ice creams and cookies… And not only that! But do you know what sugar does with your body? If you eat sugar every day, you will be overweight. Not only does it give you high blood pressure, but it can cause inflammation, diabetes, weight gain, liver disease, it can cause your cholesterol to skyrocket, make you hungrier and even depressed. If you’ve been used to eating sugar all your life, it will be hard for you to quit, I won’t lie to you.

Grapefruit and drugs

It’s a strange question, but grapefruit, especially in large quantities, can do a lot of harm to the body. Not only are short-term effects such as diarrhea and nausea very possible, but grapefruit can also interact with certain medications you are taking. It can even make them dangerous for your health by triggering the side effects of the drug. So if you read on your medication that you shouldn’t consume grapefruit, take it seriously!

Eating raw meat… Good or bad?

Yes, the steak tartare is exquisite! But do you know what’s even better? Yes, improperly stored raw meat can cause sepsis and septic shock in almost anyone. However, people over 50 are at higher risk. The risk of infection and food poisoning is also higher from a certain age. I therefore suggest avoiding eating a lot of raw meat frequently. Otherwise, you can indulge in it once in a while. However, make sure that the meat you eat is of the highest quality and that it has been stored in good conditions.

Drink soda every day

You’ve heard of it before: diet sodas are loaded with sugar. And we already know that sugar is very bad, especially for the heart and for weight loss. But because of its liquid form, we are often unaware that it is a real poison that we introduce into our body. I know a lot of people don’t like to drink water and replace it with sodas and diet sodas. But I have news for you: drinking soda dramatically shortens your lifespan!

Effect of coffee on health

Too much coffee is bad for everyone. It can cause stress, anxiety, rapid heartbeat, and severe headaches. Normally, I advise not to drink more than a cup of coffee in the morning and to continue with tea during the day. If you had a habit of drinking 4-5 cups of coffee in your twenties and even your thirties, know that this habit will lead to many negative consequences more quickly.

Alcohol after 50

We finish the list of foods to avoid after 50 years with alcohol! You may have drunk a lot of alcohol in your twenties, but like coffee, you should limit yourself to one glass of wine, for example, in the evening or during the day. Prolonged alcohol consumption can lead to brain damage, diabetes (it contains a lot of sugar), cancers and liver damage… So I suggest you limit your alcohol consumption to a minimum in order to lead a healthy and happy life without feeling sick all the time. Alcohol also dehydrates the skin and, with age, hangovers become unbearable!

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