Here are 10 characteristics that your other half should have to create a happy romantic relationship on a daily basis!

For many of us, marriage is the realization of a dream, a great renewal, almost the start of a new life together! Our dearest wish is that the person who shares our life is perfect and responsible for our happiness and well-being.

Most of the time, we put responsibilities in the hands of our partner that do not belong to them – worse – we subject them to pressure that should not exist for them. As a result, when a couple makes the decision to move in together and finally share the same roof, the two lovers have not the slightest idea of ​​what such a step represents and what it entails. In short, they have no idea what it is like to share a common life.

In a recent study, marriage would indeed be better than cohabitation since “ not marrying means maintaining a certain emotional distance, ” according to the same scientist. However, upon reflection, being in a relationship, being married or even living together tend to engage and provide the same things, namely sharing, patience, generosity, altruism, and above all a lot of love and desire to learn to love!

Therefore, before you decide to live or marry someone, the most important thing is to choose the person next to you carefully, forgetting those models of prince charming that the films expose to us. Marriage or cohabitation YES, but you must first have found the right person!

What does the ideal partner mean to you? What characteristics should your dream person have and not have? What are the fundamental points on which you must be in perfect harmony? In short, what kind of man do you want to marry? For Zankyou, the essential points of the perfect man to spend the rest of your life with are:


1. Who communicates: the secret to success!

Someone who listens to you and who enjoys talking with you makes communication much easier as a couple. Thanks to this ability, you will resolve many problems and other tensions much more easily. Ladies, also pay attention to non-verbal communication, know that men are experts in this area and that their “I love you” is not necessarily said all the time.

2. Who makes you feel comfortable

The ideal man for you is the one who manages to put you at ease, even in moments of prolonged silence. It will be even easier for you to define it since moments of silence can either be very uncomfortable or a sign of relaxation: we are not afraid of saying nothing to the other, you understand each other even in what is left unsaid.

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3. Who respects you 

A man who respects you, who respects your material and immaterial space, that is to say who does not encroach on your outings with friends or on your corner of the bathtub. A man who asks you “what you think”, who takes your opinion into account all the time, is a good sign!

4. Who stimulates you intellectually

The man with whom it is good to live and make a life is in constant search of intellectual stimuli. He has hobbies, friends that he wants you to know. He is interested in a number of things ranging from literature to politics to sports to cinema. A perpetual quest for renewal.

5. Who doesn’t like routine

Your future husband must have an open mind, who likes to discover, try new things and go on adventures (even in your garden!). The whole point is that the man in your life can reinvent himself every day and surprise you every day.

6. Who doesn’t judge you! 

No to the George who judges and criticizes you in an unconstructive way when you do not conform to his way of thinking. This point is directly linked to little 3)!

7. Who understands that you want to be alone sometimes

The man in your life also understands that you want to have “me” moments and respects him, since somewhere he feels the same way. Being in a relationship should therefore not prevent you from establishing your program and activities alone. If you feel good, it will affect your relationship.

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8. Whose sense of humor is developed

A person who makes you laugh, who teaches you to make fun of yourself and who manages to put you in a good mood is essential to your life!

9. Who has faults and accepts yours

Marry someone who has a lot of flaws, YES, no one is perfect, you just have to accept them or try to change them into qualities, hand in hand. If you accept his, he will have to accept yours, without ever blaming you.

10. Who is ready to learn to love you

Share your life with someone who, above all, wants to learn to love you. Some may think that all types of love are innate but unfortunately, this is not the case. Love is learned day by day and grows little by little. It is made up of these little things that a couple must learn to manage in everyday life, namely: sharing the same bed, the bathroom, bills, anxieties and weaknesses.

Think of your relationship as a team seeking to reach the top, the same ideal but with personal means to get there. Forming a couple means looking in the same direction while respecting the vision of your partner. To take the step of marriage, you must be ready to respect, to give in, to learn, to apologize and to communicate! What is most magical, most stressful, most overwhelming in a relationship is that in the end no one has a crystal ball to know what is going to happen. The love between two people is a building that is built stone by stone.

The secret recipe for a relationship that lasts? Lots of communication, the ability to compromise, to respect your partner and a lot, a lot of desire to love and develop alongside the one you find so special!

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