What are the signs that a relationship is healthy? How to detect that a romantic relationship can work? Discover the behaviors and attitudes of a healthy relationship.

Green flags are those attitudes that make a relationship healthy and committed. In other words, these are the behaviors, thoughts and gestures that allow a bond to flourish in the best possible way. These signs can help us have more trust in the relationship.

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What are green flags in a Relationship?

When we talk about a green flag, we are referring to personal qualities that may indicate that a person will behave healthier within a relationship. In many cases, we tend to focus on spotting the signs of a toxic behavior rather than on the positive aspects of a relationship. Therefore, paying attention to these signs can help us feel more comfortable in our relationship.

Signs of Green Flags in a Relationship

Green flag signs in Relationship

Some of the signs that may indicate that a person is exhibiting positive relationship behaviors include:

  1. They know how to listen: being attentive is a skill that is increasingly affected by our lifestyle. In fact, our attention is increasingly dispersed, meaning fewer people are actively listening to others. If your partner asks you thoughtful questions, gives you space in conversations, and constantly seeks to know you deeply, that’s a red flag.
  2. They know how to communicate their feelings and emotions: Being able to deepen and communicate our own emotions is another sign of a person capable of having positive attitudes in their relationships. A healthy relationship involves people being able to communicate how they feel and understanding the needs of the other party.
  3. They are very self-aware: to have a healthy relationship, it is important that people know each other well. So it is a good sign when a person devotes time to himself, to thinking about what he wants in life and specifically about himself. By having greater self-awareness, people have a greater ability to understand what problems they are facing and how they can solve them.
  4. They have empathy: empathy is the ability to know how to put oneself in the place of others, especially on an emotional level. A person who can understand your emotions will be able to bring positive things to your relationship. This doesn’t mean they feel the same way you do, it just means they will recognize your space when you’re going through a bad emotional moment.
  5. They are committed to the relationship: Another red flag that can indicate a relationship is healthy is commitment. This involves the other person acting and behaving in a way that makes it clear to you that they love you and are committed to the relationship.
  6. They are clear about what they want: Being a person with clear ideas is also a good sign in a relationship. In other words, he knows what he wants from the relationship and communicates it clearly to you.
  7. They focus on improvement: no one is perfect in relationships. A point to keep in mind in a relationship is therefore precisely to focus on what they can improve within the relationship. On the contrary, it can be a warning sign when giving constructive criticism causes the person to become defensive.
  8. They are independent people: emotional dependence can be very harmful within a relationship. In fact, a good sign in a relationship is that both parties have their own lives, regardless of the partner. By fostering this independence, a relationship is based on a constructive bond.
  9. There is respect: Respect is an essential factor in healthy relationships. That is, it is an essential part of any relationship and involves respecting the feelings, needs and desires of the other person. Respect consists of allowing others to be authentic without judging them.
  10. Accept differences: There are couples who have many differences, and contrary to what most people think, this is not necessarily bad. It is nevertheless important that the other respects these differences and accepts them. This means not trying to change the other person.
  11. Sharing common interests: Another of the warning signs that a couple has a future is precisely the sharing of certain interests. Sharing similar values, beliefs, and goals is essential to having a healthy relationship.
  12. You have fun together: Fun is an essential factor in any relationship. So if you can have fun times and happy with this person, it’s a green flag.

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Detecting green alarm signals is as important as red alarm signals. In fact, in many cases we tend to focus on the negative in a relationship when in reality it may be more beneficial to focus on the positive and what can make the relationship work. However, it is still crucial to focus on how you feel with this person.

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