Just like there are a thousand ways to say “I love you” 💕, there are a thousand ways to celebrate February 14. Whether you want a romantic Valentine’s Day or a naughty Valentine’s Day, here you will find all the ideas to make this day a success.

Lovers’ celebration or commercial celebration? If your darling tells you: “Valentine’s Day, with you, is every day”, for him or her, it’s rather the second option. But you find that February 14 is romantic, and you want to celebrate it.

But besides, while the love season is mostly in summer, why do we celebrate big love in the depths of winter? This is the real story of Valentine’s Day. The origin of this celebration dates back to the 14th century in England. At that time when sexuality still rhymed a lot with reproduction, February 14 was celebrated as a lovers’ holiday because it was believed that birds mated on this day.

A Catholic holiday until the mid-19th century, Valentine’s Day then became the patron saint of lovers, and they must renew their vows on this day. It became a commercial holiday in the United States (a country also at the origin of the commercialization of Christmas, definitely!) in the 1950s, with the purchase of cards reminiscent of the little notes exchanged by Valentines.

Over time, cards gave way to window displays decorated with hearts, chocolates, flowers and jewelry. Only with time also, the custom was lost, and it is no longer so automatic to celebrate February 14th.

Before getting too excited, perhaps we should ensure the enthusiasm of the entire couple. You are only just starting out and on D-2, your partner has not mentioned it? He probably doesn’t pay much attention to it. Or like you, he hasn’t dared to ask the question yet? Be strong and take the lead! Valentine’s Day should be a shared pleasure. If this damn party makes him grumpy, plan something else. But if like you, that makes it all, then follow the guide. 

How to organize a successful February 14?

A successful Valentine’s Day is first and foremost a Valentine’s Day that suits you. By you, we mean the two people who make up your couple of course. Rather surprise or joint organization? Rather an impromptu trip or the classic restaurant-gifts? Talk about it, at least to find out what each other wants and find an idea for a Valentine’s Day evening 💞 that suits you.

There is still often a dinner in the story. If it’s possible and you’re planning a restaurant on Valentine’s Day, book in advance, tables are popular that evening. Would you prefer to organize a home dinner this year? We love it too. Between each dish, nothing better than a break for a little game or sexy challenge.

To prepare a romantic meal for Valentine’s Day, you can already put aphrodisiacs in your basket to increase desire during the meal. Ginger, chocolate, oysters… We choose some or put everything in, it’s according to your tastes.

What we also like are the personalized menus. A dish that reminds you of your first date, or a crucial event in your relationship, or an ingredient that he or she particularly loves can be good leads. In any case, so as not to be mistaken, we give you the list of foods to avoid before making love.

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What to give for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day celebration ideas

We cannot deny it, the gift is also still part of the program for many couples. Of the 64% of people who celebrate Valentine’s Day, 52% offer a present to their other half. In gifts for women 🌉, cards, jewelry, flowers, perfume, makeup and lingerie are popular.

If you are looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for men, look for a selection of men’s perfumes, clothing, or a watch.

Are you looking for a gift that benefits the couple? Champagne is always a good idea. Not to mention love boxes: sex shops are full of them! Another desire? And why not something naughtier with a sex toy or a more romantic idea with a romantic weekend? There is something for all desires and all prices. 

But there are also much more personal gifts. Queries to find a Valentine’s Day poem increase by 250% the week before D-Day on Google. A few verses of your creation will also be welcome. You can also make your own present or opt for a personalized gift. A playlist (not like Chandler in Friends though, the real ones know), a photo frame or an even more artistic object? The DIY tutorials are here to help you.

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Opt for a sexy evening for Valentine’s Day

For some (including those who got carried away by the naughty breaks during dinner), this day is also an opportunity to rekindle desire and increase excitement within the couple. It’s a romantic party…but why not also sexy? Instead of a gift, you could decide to spend the evening in scantily clad clothes on the bottom of the bed.

Take the time to discuss. In the middle of a routine, you could suggest that everyone try a kamasutra position that they have never tried before (there are many, believe us). It’s also an opportunity, with a glass of champagne in hand, to discuss your fantasies, new desires (like saying naughty or even dirty words during your lovemaking), or things you liked and didn’t like so much. lately.

This discussion is valid for sexuality, but also for your daily relationship. More outings, more cocooning, a travel project? Tonight it’s the two of you, just the two of you, enjoy! 

Single Valentine’s Day

You may be a big fan of Valentine’s Day… while still being single! Gone are the days when you had to endure this atmosphere and go home with a tub of ice cream under your elbow. Now there’s Galentine’s Day.

This party specially reserved for friends was created thanks to Leslie Knope, character from the series Parks and Recreation. Fans of this sitcom thought it was such a great idea that they took it on as their own.  Organize a dinner with your best friend, plan a hammam with your friends, have flowers delivered: alone or with others, the counter-parties for Valentine’s Day are just waiting for your imagination!

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